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  1. Of course you can do it. Just take the sharable link from the note and paste it where you want. Let me know if this is solving your issue.
  2. Swipes is a task-manager with a built-in productivity system that changes the way you manage your tasks. It can be used by production companies that keep templates of procedures to be followed. Swipes simply adds a layer of tasks to the flexibility and agility of Evernote that can be applied to any industry and small business. Achieving more in your work with Swipes and Evernote Business The integration solves the problem of losing your tasks in notes and forgetting important deadlines. By adding a ’swipes’ tag to a note, it’s automatically turned it into a task. Its check marks are displayed as actions steps for you, which makes it easier to complete them. For more on that, check out the full tutorial for Swipes with Evernote. So how can you apply this in, say, your real estate business? Many companies are using Evernote as a way to keep track of their contacts and clients. In the case of real estate, it’s often used to manage properties. Your notebook is likely to consist of notes named after the addresses of the properties you’re managing. Within the note, you can add a checklist with all the tasks that need to be done every time the property is rented out. You can use this as your knowledge base and reuse the template. If you are currently working with the property, you add a ’swipes’ tag, receive it as a task and start working on the different action steps, along with your other to-dos. The static information is turned into an activate plan of to-dos. You can set the task as recurring every month or year. Once the checklist is completed and the property is rented out, you can swipe it as done. And a next task will be scheduled for the recurring period with reset check boxes. Your colleagues who are part of the notebook will also receive the note and see the progress you’re making. The knowledge base gets constantly expanded, while the actionable steps are used by each team member whenever they need them. Soon Swipes will offer a handy task delegation feature too, which would allow you to directly assign steps of the task to different team members.
  3. The Maximize Your Workspace webinar series are closing. If someone of you want to share more details of how do you use EN for organizing your business (even if you aren't EN Business users) you are more than welcome to share your experience here in this thread.
  4. - The webinars are mainly focused on Evernote Business users - All webinars are free. Even though the webinars are focused on Evernote Business, I'll really appreciate if you guts share any kind of EN usage related to organize your businesses. Again, here's an example: "I'm a real estate agent. In my agency we use Evernote Business to keep track of the properties we are managing and the checklist we go through before renting out a property. Each checklist is shared with all the agents but we add the name of the assigner in the title."
  5. A new series of Evernote webinars on maximizing workspaces is coming soon. Could you please share a few examples of how are you using Evernote Business with your team and organization? Here is an example: "I'm a real estate agent. In my agency we use Evernote Business to keep track of the properties we are managing and the checklist we go through before renting out a property. Each checklist is shared with all the agents but we add the name of the assigner in the title."
  6. Swipes App has recently updated their sync with Evernote. Pulling tasks from Evernote to create quick to do lists, scheduling & prioritising is the core of the app functionality.
  7. Hi guys, Swipes app has recently released an important update on their sync with Evernote. It makes the integration extremely stable and reliable. You pull tasks from Evernote into one place where you schedule, complete and prioritise them. Swipes general announcement from today: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80908-sync-notes-checkmarks-from-evernote-into-swipes-to-do-app/.
  8. Hello everyone, Swipes App took the Gold and a $25k prize for Best New Startup at EC4. We made a powerful integration to Evernote to help people quickly collect all their tasks from notes into one place where they can manage them. This automatically turns a note into a task in Swipes where you can schedule, complete and prioritise it just like all your other tasks. The latest update made the integration with Evernote extremely stable and reliable. Our users quickly noticed the improvement and recently we've seen more people actively using the app. If you hear about Swipes for the first time, you are welcomed to watch our quick video guide on how to benefit from a powerful workflow with Swipes - Evernote. Swipes has already over 200k people actively using the app. What we need you to do now? 1). If you are hardcore fan of Evernote, check Swipes App and sync it with Evernote using the following instructions: http://support.swipesapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/202286091 2). Reply to this topic and give us your valuable input. Love,
  9. Hi @gazumped & @LPN, Yesterday we released a new update (version 2.2.4) with tons of fixes to the EN integration! It's very smooth and stable. I hope you'll enjoy it a lot. Keep us posted on your experience. We now have in-app chat, where you can contact our Support team directly. It is available under Settings>Contact us>New message
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