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  1. You say that you are a "premium" customer, then why not use the option to chat to someone. It worked really well for me. My only problem was that there's a 16 hour time difference, so that's why i got impatient and in the end had to take matters into my own hand. You will have a support worker primarily dealing with your ticket, you can email that at anytime after the "chat" and they will get back to you. I think they are still catching up on many inquiries due to the time of the year. You will be able to send them a copy of the "activity log", and you could even request to speak to a more senior support officer. Yesterday, the person that was helping me suggested that my issue would be raised with someone more senior as it was taking so long to rectify. However, i got it sorted. Give it a try!
  2. Hello hopefully for the last time, I wanted to let you know that my desktop is now synced with my web version. I went through each notebook and compared the "number" differences, then checked which notes were missing on the desktop version. I noticed that there were two notes in seperate notebooks that were slightly corrupted. They had been notes that i had transferred to EN via "Scanner Pro". There was like a "gibberish" writing underneath. About 2 or 3 sentences. When i deleted the first one, then many more notes started to sync, and then the same happened when i deleted the second note with identical "gibberish". I gradually worked my way through, deleted from the web version any notes that were not "critical to keep", and that i could re input with not too much trouble. So now it seems we are "good to go". Many thanks for your help, you gave me the confidence to rebuild the database, and along with some other suggestions i eventually worked it out. Could you please advise me of any "good housekeeping" tips for the future in order not to face this kind of situation. For your Information, i have EN on both ipad and iphone. I have "Scanner Pro" linked, along with Gneo. Any ideas?? Also, do you think its safe for me to revert back to the BETA version? Many Thanks again.
  3. Actually i got fed up! The Sync had reached just below 200, and was saying that it was finished. All day it didn;t change, unless i made changes to the web version and then it would sync. So, i followed some of your advice from yesterday in regards to Revo Uninstaller. So i followed the same advice as last night, then used Revo installer. Then re-installed EN, and rebuilt the database. I am already up to 200+, but it seems to have stopped again. Actually, the Activity Log has been saying some other interesting things, so i will try and get back in touch with the EN support. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello, Thanks for the advice. I have woken up this morning, and it has synced to 209 notes, 63 short.My notebooks are still in a right mess, tags are in a mess. However, my activity log is now telling me there is a websocket connection error, and the sync only lasts a few seconds. Not failing anymore, but not bringing everything through and definitely not sorting our my notebooks and tags. I live in South East Asia, so my internet connection is definitely not as fast as "silicone valley", yet considerably slower. Is it still rebuilding? I have a bad feeling about this! The most recent reply i got from Support was similar to yours "be patient", but i don't understand why the "mess" in the notebooks and notes?Why is it saying in my activity log that "client is up to date with server"??
  5. I only have 200+ notes, but quite a few notebooks. Should i put it on auto sync every 5 mins or longer? Should i tick "sync in the background" Here in Asia it gone midnight, so is it safe to leave through the night syncing?
  6. Hello, So i finally got to talk to someone from Evernote, through their support system. It's the first time i have used it, and i was impressed at the quickness and smoothness. They checked the activity log, and saw no real problems. So they suggested i rebuild my database. I followed all of their procedures, and started to re-sync. WHAT A MESS! I thought it would all sync together, but it's syncing in bits. Stopping every 20secs. MY notebooks are all <<no name>>, the notes arent all through, and the tags are in a mess. I've tried to get back in touch, but i think they are extremely busy at the moment. So could anyone tell me, is this normal when you rebuild your database, or should it have been a little smoother??
  7. Hi, I forgot to write that i had already done this - Empty the trash. No Joy! Why should i only use Revo Uninstaller as my last option, are there dangers that i will lose notes, notebooks etc? Where can i get a safe copy?
  8. Dear fellow Evernote Users, I have trawled these pages looking for suggestions and i have found. However, nothing worked. Below is the message i sent to the Evernote support. I have a ticket and a number. I sent it on Jan 2, and haven't heard a "dickey bird" I have tried the "Poodle suggestions", i have tried the force syncing, i have tried taking out the *** & the <<< >>> from any notes that i can find, and i have tried uninstalling and re-installing etc. Nothing worked. I have been using the web version (Beta) since the 1st, but today because its taking so long to solve have had to revert to the previous web version. This is definitely affecting my workflow, and very hard to keep my GTD going (I Don't need any comments about using Evernote with GTD, i'm very happy with my system) "On Jan 1st afternoon my desktop version kept failing when syncing. I have the Web Version, this is up to date with no issues. I also have the Ipad and Iphone version, these two devices have no syncing issues. I have been onto the Evernote Forums and i followed some advice regarding changing Internet Options, un-checking SSL 2.0 & 3.0 and checking the TS ones. I also tried the force syncing. This actually did sync some additional things, but still not in line with the web version. I also saw where there were some conflicting issues, and i deleted those notes, I also deleted within any of my notes the symbols <<< >>> *** Today the problem still exists. So i followed the official evernote knowledge based support to re-install. I saved the file to back up, though i don't believe i have any LOCAL notebooks. (On that point, its very difficult to know which ones are LOCAL, and which ones are synced.) I have re-installed, and the syncing is still failing. Of course, i can still work off the web version, but i would appreciate your help in rectifying this problem I believe that as i have recently updated to "Premium" version, that the support will be quicker. I look forward to your help. I have attached 2 Activity Log files. The file Jan 02 is before re-installing The other file with same date is after re-installing. I have put this in the file name. I look forward to hearing from you. Since i sent the above, i have also been in contact with @evernotehelps. They tweeted me a couple of times, but since yesterday morning my time (South East Asia) it's all dried up. Since i tweeted them i have started to get some notebooks syncing but not the notes within the NB. Also, i got a stray email came into my inbox, but not every email. I am linked to Gneo, and the tasks that i put in there also synced. I deleted stuff from my inbox (web version) - that synced OK. I will copy and paste the last part of my activity log, i'm not sure how to read it but i imagine one or two of you out there might be able to . Hope someone can help!!!! --- 21:48:21 [9040] 75% Submitting a batch of 37 note calls, size=1.4MB21:48:40 [9040] 75% No more data to read.21:48:41 [9160] Client synchronization finished, status: failed21:48:41 [9160] * 20 items received21:48:41 [9160] * elapsed time: 25s Thanks
  9. Kasper Pihl Tornøe (Swipes) Oct 09 22:04 Hi, Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing! We've found a bug in the Evernote Mac App, that if you assign a tag without other changes it doesn't get registered as a change. Evernote is working on fixing this. Until then a quick fix is just to add a "." in the bottom of the note when you're assigning the "swipes"-tag. A fix will be out as soon as possible. :-) If this is not the problem, please explain so we can get to the bottom of this. All the best, Kasper, CEO @ Swipes
  10. Hello, I am new to this forum so i hope i am not starting a duplicate thread. I have looked for an answer to this problem but nothing so far. I have recently seen and read all the "good things" about the swipes app that supposedly automatically syncs with evernote. I have to say, that i am not having a good start with this. It NEVER syncs smoothly. I use the desktop version of EVERNOTE,and i sync to my ipad and iphone with no problems. I always make sure that i sync the desktop version before i open the swipes app to see if they are there. It NEVER works correctly first time. It doesn't even sync properly with the web version of Swipes. Does anybody else experience this frustrating problem? Are there any answers to this? I did get in touch with swipes support but there answer was confusing. Many Thanks
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