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Camscanner doesn't work "with" or sync to Evernote in the same way that Evernote syncs notes between different devices.  You can only see documents in Camscanner that you scanned or created with that app (if you save them).  Once a document has been sent to Evernote the only way to see that and all previous notes is to look in Evernote,  not CamScanner.  http://www.intsig.com/en/camscanner.html

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Once a document has been sent to Evernote 


That's the problem. I can't get the documents to show when I hit the 'evernote' button on camscan. So they aren't going anywhere. They aren't in Evernote because I can't send them there. 

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I use CamScanner several times every day.


When I fill up my gas tank, I write the mileage on the receipt, take a picture with CamScanner, OCR it and throw away the receipt. I do the same for other receipts during the day.


My preferred method: When I have a free moment, I use CamScanner's SHARE icon (lower right) and email the PDF's direct into my Evernote account.


Alternate method: I also can use the SHARE icon and bypass the email and send it directly to Evernote.

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Again, I'm glad it's working that way for both of you. It's not working that way for me. I appreciate the screen shot (it allowed me to double check that I was using the app the correct way and not making some boneheaded mistake...which I've been known to do!). 

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