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  1. Again, I'm glad it's working that way for both of you. It's not working that way for me. I appreciate the screen shot (it allowed me to double check that I was using the app the correct way and not making some boneheaded mistake...which I've been known to do!).
  2. Terrific! I'm glad that works for you. I wish mine was working the same way because that's what I'd like to do. I'm using genius scan which automatically sends them to evernote.
  3. Once a document has been sent to Evernote That's the problem. I can't get the documents to show when I hit the 'evernote' button on camscan. So they aren't going anywhere. They aren't in Evernote because I can't send them there.
  4. Not happy with it. Can't get it to work with Evernote at all and am throwing in the towel. Only certain documents show when I hit the sync with Evernote button (and they're not the ones I want to sync!).
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