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(Archived) Local Evernote master client

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In my company I have a very slow internet connection. So bandwidth is precious and any internet usage, that uses a lot of bandwidth is forbidden during the workday. That is obviously an issue with Evernote, where each new note is uploaded to the server and then downloaded over the internet to each computer with an Evernote client on the LAN. So a lot of redundant data transferred over the internet.

What I would need is a kind of an Evernote master client, that syncs over the internet with your server and then syncs with my other Evernote clients over the LAN. The master client should as well allow scheduling of the syncing (f.e. only the evening) and have a built-in throttling feature to limit the used bandwidth.

Any plans to integrate this in the future?

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This isn't currently supported. If you're using the Windows client, you could manually quit the client, copy the database file to a second computer, use it there, and copy it back. It's only safe to do this with one computer at a time. Full multi-computer simultaneous synchronization is a fairly tricky problem, and we aren't currently working on this.

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Dropbox added LAN syncing with the latest version of their Mac client. Each client still needs an active internet connection with the Dropbox server. But if the server finds one client in the LAN with an up-to-date version of the file, that has to be synced to another client in the same LAN, the sync is done via the LAN and not via the Dropbox server for each client. Well all clients have to be behind the same router for this new function to work.

Syncing Evernote notes or Dropbox files is a similar challenge. So if Dropbox managed it, it can't be that hard to implement, especially as LAN syncing wasn't even a high priority request from Dropbox users.

Probably you can license some code from them. ;-)


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+1 for this.

I just bought a new computer. I have a fairly large Dropbox and a large Evernote database. Dropbox finished the sync in minutes (with LAN sync) and Evernote is several hours in and still working on downloading from Evernote's servers. The ability for Evernote to detect another up-to-date EN client on the same LAN network and sync the files between them would be very useful and would likely save quite a bit on your server bandwidth costs.

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