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  1. There is this nice preview of a stack of notes, when you select multiple notes for combining them into a single note. Would it be possible to change the order of the notes in the stack by clicking on a note? I.e. bring the note I am clicking on to the top of the stack? That would be an easy way to change the order of the stack and thus the order of the notes in the new combined note (or anything else I'll do with the stack). Currently I have to temporarily change the order in which the notes are displayed as this is the basis for the order of the notes in the combined note. This is cumbersome and an arbitrary order, for which there is not sort criteria, is not possible at all. Peter
  2. Hadn't time to do a full test but tell application "Evernote" tag named "2012" exists end tellnow returns true (before false). So I assume this build fixed it. Pete
  3. The following AppleScript line tag named "mytag" exists always return false, whether the tag "mytag" exists or not. Temp. workaround: Revert to 5.0.2 Pete
  4. Although I've mentioned, that I don't want to lengthen this thread, I somehow missed your post bit wanted to comment on a few points. I have always a sympathetic ear. ;-) That's indeed something I find useful. You always have people who love to contribute content into EN and those who hate to do. For the later 2 GB/month is complete overkill. They only access stuff occasionally but need the search functionality to find what they need. That is the problem with your current model. If one really needs everything packed-in, the 4GB volume for every user, constantly changing sharing requests due to staff changes, support requests regularly, it is not overpriced. But is is a different view, if all your company's upload traffic fits within 1-2 GB, mainly used by 1 or 2 people feeding paperwork into the system? Maybe 4 other's using it mainly for clipping webpages (give each 50 MB which relates to about 1000 Clips each ) and 14 just accessing shared content. Works fine with a premium account but business notebooks etc. would still be welcome. You're welcome Pete
  5. Chris, does that sentence sound offensive? It wasn't my intention. English is not my first language. Pete
  6. Piease reread my post. It didn't suggest LAN syncing without contacting the Evernote server at all. How should that work? I suggested, that the client could pull up-to-date notes content from another client on the LAN instead from the Evernote server over the internet AFTER he pulled the list of notes to be updated from the Evernote server. Or in short: Metadata comes always from the Evernote server, actual content only if it is not already available on the LAN. Btw. Evernote's pricing model is based on upload volume to the Evernote server, not download volume. LAN syncing wouldn't cost Evernote money (aside from the cost of developing it) but save network bandwidth Evernote (and their customer) has to pay for. Pete
  7. If you had read my post carefully, you should have known, that I don't need 2 GB/month upload. And I add, that IMO the average employee, who is not in charge to feed-in tons of paperwork to EN but mainly accesses stuff, doesn't even need 1GB/month. Unless he is using EN heavily for personal stuff, 100MB/month upload is plenty. And Evernote is so easy to use, that I don't see the need for hopped up support in compare to EN premium support. Are you happy to pay for the Ribeye, if all you want is a salad? I fully agree with your statement, that EN people have to make a living from their work and I paid for a premium account almost over a year without using any premium feature simply because I found the concept great and wanted to support it. But it is a difference between contributing $50 per year for the idea and several hundred or thousand dollars. I don't think this either. Suggesting a different/additional pricing schema doesn't make the current schema look stupid. I don't want to lengthen this thread any more. I've made my point and Evernote may do with it, whatever they want. As Brickey said, Evernote Business is not for everyone. In it's current incarnation it is not for me. For now I'm staying with my current setup but have a closer look at the competition, whether cloud based or not, than I would, had this first incarnation of EN business lived up to my expectations. Pete
  8. I've read your post but it hasn't change my mind, that you get 90% functionality with a single premium account. A few comments: > Sign Up ... You can auto approve anyone on your work domain, which makes adding folks much easier. Unless I have a company with several hundreds of employees, I prefer to control manually, who has access to which resources. It is like an "auto generate user accounts" feature on a unix server, which I'd never use. Sorry, but some tasks have do be done by human beings for security reasons. > And like as groups, you also have one account to pay for everyone, rather than having individual expense their premium accounts. I know, you already advertised this for Evernote groups. While this might work for families, where the income is shared in one or the other ways, I don't think it is something a company is interested in. Frankly from the company perspective it is even easier to just pay for their premium account and let the employes deal with the payment for their personal accounts themselves. And from the company perspective this is definitely much cheaper, see my initial post. And I'm pretty sure what 99% of all employees will say, if they have the choice between a free 2GB Evernote business account and $10/month cash. ;-) > Business-level support is the good stuff. Don't want to bash your support, it is not worse than the support of other companies of your size. But the 2 or 3 times I've contacted your premium support in the last 3 years due to loss of data on syncing or broken Applescript issues, the response didn't help much. In the end I had to develop my own workarounds. Well, I admit, my requests were not the kind of "asked a 100 times per day" questions. > Knowledge Sharing - The business library is a great way to share across your company. Still don't see the big difference to share notebooks from a premium account. You can add or remove individual accounts to/from the share, you can change between read only and read/write access. > Business Notebooks - I've used a "centralized user" to create all team notebooks before and it is much nicer to be able to create and invite people without having to switch to another account I agree, this is an advantage - but wouldn't call it a "killer features", see below. > Business Quota - Notes created in business notebooks count against the business's quota instead of my ow Sorry, but IMHO that is exactly the same with writeable shared notebooks on premium accounts. If anyone, invited to the shared notebook, adds content, it counts against the quota of the one who owns the notebook. You easily could add "killer features" to Evernote business, that might be important enough for someone to rectify the much higher price for Evernote business. So far I don't see them. I still think a readjusted price plan would be a faster way to draw premium users into Evernote business and in the long run the more profitable approach. Pete
  9. Asked for this already years ago and the answer back then was: Too complicated. But with the advent of Evernote business it is probably time to review it again: Could Evernote do local syncing of notes the way Dropbox is doing this already for years? IMHO Evernote uses hashes to determine whether a note is up to date with the note on the Evernote server. Could't the Evernote background helper contact other Evernote background helpers running on the same local network during a sync and ask them, whether they have a copy of that note already downloaded from the Evernote server (aka a note with exact that hash) and if so load it over the LAN instead of pulling it from the Evernote server? That way the client would only load the hash from the Evernote server and pull the note itself from the LAN, in case it is accessible, which should be much faster and save on bandwidth for both Evernote and the user. Syncing of meta-data (tags etc.) could still be done solely from the Evernote server, as this usually is only small data volume and it might get overly complicated, if this is pulled from another client who probably has not an fully up-to-date status of all the meta-data. Pete
  10. Maybe it is due to the fact that Evernote is still free for the basic account and the sharing functionality in the premium account got much better over the years. But IMHO you can get 90% of the functionality of the new Evernote business with a single premium account, if you store all your business related content within a premium account and share notebooks for collaboration as writeable with the personal accounts of your coworkers (whether they are on free or premium accounts is their personal decission). Doing the maths for a small company with 20 people would be $2200 per year for Evernote business vs. $50 per year for the current solution using one premium account. Unless you downgrade the current Evernote premium sharing functionality to broaden the gap to Evernote business, which I really hope you will not, I wonder, whether the additional comfort in administration of notebook sharing is really worth the additional $2150 per year. The additional traffic in the business accounts is a nice add-on, but I personally wouldn't want to pay for it, as I never exceeded my 1 GB/month limit, even not on the one premium account I scan all the paperwork of my company into. My personal feeling tells me, that a client within a business account should not cost more than an individual premium account but instead less. See it like a kind of volume discount. Instead the admin backend could be charged additionally and could cost a bit more than an individual premium account. So my suggestion for an attractive pricing schema would be more like this: Small Administration seat, max. 10 client accounts: $5/month Big Administration seat, unlimited client accounts: $20/month Client seat with 1GB/month data volume: $3/month Client seat with 2GB/month data volume: $6/month all prices for yearly payment cycles. I'll bet you will sell much more Evernote Business accounts with bigger overall revenue, than with your current plan. With the small Administration seat, this might be interesting as well for families, where your $10/month/client plan hardly is an option. But of cause, you are the ones, who make the prices, Pete
  11. Just a me too. "Dowgraded" to V2.01 and immediately "reupgraded" to V 1.0.12. V1 was a productive tool, V2 is a toy. Whoever was in charge for this redesign hopefully starts accepting the reality, that this was a move in the wrong direction. The simplified GUI just doesn't cut it, it is not very intuitive. I still don't know how to alter line weights, set default font size, undo pixelation to just name a few, not to re-mention all the things that have been removed. Go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Just re-adding a couple of V1 features doesn't help. Pete
  12. Updated to V5 beta1 and found most of my AppleScripts do not work any more. :-( After investigating I found that: set query string of window 1 to "my query text" throws an error -10000, although a collection window is open in Evernote. open collection window with query string "my query text" works but opens a new window on each query. :-/ Any help how to do a search within an open window via AppleScript is appreciated. If it is a bug with no existing workaround , I hope you fix it asap. Pete
  13. Nice, you've added the option to use more than one Evernote account in a single OS X account. So no more third party tricks necessary like the great app Evernote Account Switcher, with the risk, that it breaks with each new version of the Evernote Mac client. But to make switching accounts easier you should: 1.) Allow to store the login credentials in the keychain. 2.) Remember the accounts I've already used. 3.) Display a menu in the login dialog with the recently used accounts. 4.) Autofill the password, if I have opted to store it in the keychain. 5.) Display a menu "fast user switching" in the toolbar of the main window with the recent accounts. When I select an account and the password is stored in the keychain, Evernote immediately switches to that account, without request in a password. Otherwise it asks for the password. Peter
  14. Yesterday had an occasion, where a PDF note that had been imported (and so far showed up) as inline suddenly changed to be displayed as an attachment (PDF icon). The context menu didn't give me an option to change it back to inline. Had to save the PDF to the desktop, delete the attachment and drag it back into the note to again display it inline. Reminds me of an old bug that had been fixed around V 2.0.4. Maybe some legacy code found its way back into the current beta? ;-) Pete
  15. I found, the issue is related to a timing problem. Want to see it yourself? Try this: First run this Applescript to set things up (it is taken from Evernotes Applescript examples): tell application "Evernote" create notebook "AppleScriptNotebook1" create notebook "AppleScriptNotebook2" create note title "Note 1" with text "Moving note" notebook "AppleScriptNotebook1" set tag1 to make tag with properties {name:"AppleScriptTag1"} set tag2 to make tag with properties {name:"AppleScriptTag2", parent:tag named "AppleScriptTag1"} set tag3 to make tag with properties {name:"AppleScriptTag3", parent:tag named "AppleScriptTag1"} end tell You now have 2 new notebooks, 1 note and 3 tags for your testing. Now run this Applescript: tell application "Evernote" set matches to find notes "notebook:AppleScriptNotebook1" set tag1 to tag named "AppleScriptTag1" set tag2 to tag named "AppleScriptTag2" set tag3 to tag named "AppleScriptTag3" repeat with theNote in matches set title of theNote to "Note 2" assign {tag1, tag2, tag3} to {theNote} -- delay 1 move theNote to notebook "AppleScriptNotebook2" end repeat end tell Check your Evernote client. You should see one note named "Note 2" when you select AppleScriptNotebook1 in the side pane (what is wrong), although the Notebook popup in the note says, that this note is actually in AppleScriptNotebook2 (what is correct). If you show the number of notes in the side pane, you should see zero notes in AppleScriptNotebook1 and one note in AppleScriptNotebook2 (what is correct). You can't fix things by syncing or closing/reopening the Evernote client. Move the note to another notebook and then back to AppleScriptNotebook1 (which is the only way to fix the issue), delete the assigned tags (or delete everything that was generated and start over with the first Applescript). Now remove the 2 dashes in front of "delay 1" to make it active and run the second Applescript again. Now the note is tagged and moved properly and shows up in the correct notebook. I suggest, Evernote should build-in some tests into the Applescript implementation, so that commands are queued and executed properly when they are issued in a fast sequence. Pete
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