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Annoying windows - how to disable

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Long time Premium user here.  It seems that every time I go into Evernote on Android I get these annoying windows with a X box.  I don't want these.  I find them extremely annoying.  As a example, this morning I got



Get out of your inbox

Send receipts, confirmations, and other important email to your Evernote account.


Add to contacts.




Well I already have you in my contacts thank you very much.  How do I stop these from appearing and wasting my screen view?


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I use an Android phone and haven't seen anything like that since I first started using Evernote.  If you're a free user,  you're subject to a certain amount of advertising just like any other free app.  It's possible to opt out of that by upgrading.  If you're a Premium user you get notices via the Fanfare icon - but once read and dismissed they shouldn't pop up every time you use the app.  Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

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Does tapping the X in the top right not dismiss it? I get these on fresh installs on all of my devices (which is expected, it doesn't know that I've been using it for years, so I get all the welcome banners!). The X dismisses it for good in my experience on 4 different devices. 

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Yes, it can be clicked away easily by pressing the "x" in the right upper corner. Does nothing about preventing it from happening again though as this message will appear in a few days again... Bit of a cyclic thing me thinks. There's a few different ones as well, haven't counted them though. Tbh, does not really annoy me all that much, but just to show that the topic opener is not alone in this.


I think it's more to do with the fact it's v.6 of the Evernote for android version than anything else. Prior to v.6, I never got these...  Also, I do work with Android for Windows, and there it certainly doesn't appear there. Then again, just my .02.

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Odd it really shouldn't be re-appearing except upon a reinstall. Worth submitting a support ticket at least for the sake of making EN aware of the bug, they aren't likely going to be able to do anything for you specifically, especially if yo are a free user.  

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