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  1. Fairly simple, because they made a clear statement they would do so, whereas other requests are not commented on (Evernote policy)... Their words, not the community. I expect them to deliver on that promise.
  2. Hi Evernote. Over 2 years now. Care to shed some light on the (yet unfulfilled) promise you made or just ignore it as usual...?
  3. Nexus 6P, Android 6.0, version 7.5 beta 2 (1075020). I have no problems with audio. That seems to play just fine. It is just internal links to other notes. I.e. I think if I click on a 'space' within a link it will bring up the keyboard and ask me to edit. If I click on a 'letter' in the internal link it will redirect me to the linked note (i.e. the intended behaviour). For example, i might have a link with that says 'please refer to page 100'. The underlying hyperlink appears to get activated when I click on either of those letters, but not the spaces in between the words, if that makes sense. Then it will ask me to edit, bringing up the keyboard. Anyhow, this is my quick observation, I may be wrong about the cause. That said it does come up with the warning about "Saving note in .....", but this has been addressed by Xavier. I think that the main risk lies in the fact that the keyboard automatically pops up when it asks you to edit. tbh this is quite annoying behaviour since it happens 50% of the time when clicking on a link. Thanks. Edit: not entirely related, but if the beta editor is on and I go into a note, I cannot swipe the left menu to access the main menu (i.e. notebooks, tags, etc.). This wasn't a problem before... Anyone seeing this?
  4. Actually. I like how it is now. Click the button to opt-in for the "tap to edit" function and you get it. If you don't, you don't have to worry about it. Like me.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions / issues. Much appreciated.
  6. Btw. not entirely related related to maybe the latest build as much as it is related to Android in general, but I just got myself a new Nexus 6p with 5.7 screen and would love the tablet UI (since the screen is big enough and allows me to do more). Changing the DPI to below 200 / 250 doesn't seem to do the trick like it does with other apps.... any ideas?
  7. I'll need your help on this one. Here are the steps I tried: create a new note, paste a URL, tap on the link > the web page opens save this note, open again, tap on the link > the web page opens too Could you maybe describe your problem the same way so I understand it? I create the note on my computer (previously a PC, now a Mac, but the result is the same). These are internal links to other notes by the way, not URLs. So I hold shift while adding an internal link to piece of text. Then I upload the note. In android, I switch on the beta editor and go into that note. Then clicking on the green link will most of the time result in asking me to edit rather than taking me to the note. However, there are occasions where it does take me to the note. I.e. it really is hit and miss with this. That said, even when it does work, it brings me to the next note, but then automatically saves my previous note. I can tell that from the message that pops up at the bottom. That is not ideal, as I think it means that it will reupload the note (which didnt need editing in the first place, I do this on my Mac) after being saved and just takes up time and upload data. Also, if an accidental mistake is made, it is automatically saved and I wouldnt know about it.... Hard to describe, but this is the behaviour. As I have numerous links to other notes, it becomes a real issue. Btw although not happy about the changes, I do appreciate Evernote assistance and willingness to work on this. Hopefully a good solution can be found.
  8. Have to agree with Eric99 on this one... Although I know there are users who want this function, I for one do my editing on the pc. Not my mobile. Enabling the beta editor now doesn't allow me to click hyperlinks in Android and makes my notes very prone to accidental mistakes. This is just unacceptable really. The solution as I see it is to have a "tap to edit" view for those who want it, and for us who don't want it, an option to have it as it was (i.e. where you have to click on an edit button before you can start editing). Too much to ask...?
  9. Officially promised by Evernote a fair while ago (May 2014) that it was "coming soon to Android". Soooo.... :mellow:
  10. Generally very satisfied with EN and to unlock all features I am more than happy to stay premium. Especially since I need presentation mode. Which brings me to the my question about presentation mode. When I look at the video at: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/38825186at the end (minute 1.14) there is mention of "coming to Android soon". I know EN doesn’t give out roadmaps, but this is according to EN's own video. This was May 2014 and almost a year on, can we expect this anytime soon? I think its fair to say that since it's classified as a point of differentation for EN between plus and premium, Android users too deserve to use this feature.
  11. Agreed. Was hoping it would arrive not too long after IOS, but so far nothing. Please add support for this fantastic feature. Thanks.
  12. Have to agree with this request. Tags are a temporary, inconvenient and imo a short-term solution. Its doable, albeit annoying, having to add -tag:x to every search you make. Not so bad if you have 5 searches a day, more annoying when it's 50 or even more a day. And that's the desktop client, the mobile client is a lot worse. Having to type that in 5 times on a small keyboard (without text expander options) is annoying, 50 times is just a waste of time. There needs to be a default way of excluding notebooks, archives, or whatever you do not want to search in / for.
  13. Same here. Vital piece of functionality that is available in the Desktop client that is left out in Android. I can only assume that eventually it will be brought to Android, considering the various notes from EN staff that I've read on EN trying to achieve (near-)parity across platforms... The solution brought forward by Jefito works, but is unfortunately as inelegant and frustrating to use as not using it at all. When you're left with 500+ tags (and those tags are not presented in tree-format in the advanced search section, but rather alphabetically), I'm left with choosing a tag from an enormously long list. This takes ages, and when you've got to do dozens upon dozens of searches a day it is just unwieldy. Hoping this will arrive (real) soon.
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