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  1. I've been hoping Evernote would add a feature like this for a long time. Even though I keep shopping lists in EN I always drive by a place and forget to stop. Some type of location based reminder would be a great addition.
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling isn't going to help when I see these on all of my devices. One appears at least each week on each device. Both Market and Explore Evernote are disabled.
  3. Long time Premium user here. It seems that every time I go into Evernote on Android I get these annoying windows with a X box. I don't want these. I find them extremely annoying. As a example, this morning I got Get out of your inbox Send receipts, confirmations, and other important email to your Evernote account. Add to contacts. Well I already have you in my contacts thank you very much. How do I stop these from appearing and wasting my screen view?
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