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Annoying "Title Focus"




I am not sure when it happens, but it happened often to me.

I could reproduce this "bug" (i don't know if it is) by creating a new notepad and creating a note in it.

The first note in this notepad has this annoying focus bug.


When you create a note and start to type the title and take a short break it selects the whole title (for whatever reason).

I dont realize it fast enough and start to type again and the whole title is removed.


It happens during the sort sequence.


Kind regards


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Hi, I reported this issue previously and they are aware of it.  It happens when you have the view set to Snippets and also have the option for Show Notes In Groups set, long story short uncheck "Show Notes In Groups" in the sort by options.



I made a video of it as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdEb5xUxsy8


Here is something I posted in another thread.
View: Snippets View
Sort: Title & Alphabetical & Show Notes in Groups
With "Show Notes in Groups" being the deciding factor
If "Show Notes in Groups” is unchecked I no longer have the problem of the note switching.  
I had a friend try the setting and he also has the glitch when “Show Notes in Groups” is checked.
What appears to be happening is that after the title is entered the notes resort in the snippets pane but Evernote looses track of which note was selected and defaults to whatever is at the top.
So if you can do without the headings in Alphabetical view uncheck the “Show Notes in Groups” and you should be good.
See also:
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Here are some of the details I sent to everonote in march if you are interested:


First this is only happening in the Snippet View which is the view I use 99.9999% of the time. There does not seem to be a problem with the Card View, Expanded Card View, Side List View,  or Top List View.
When I enter a note title that has the same first letter as a note that is already created in the same notebook, Evernote jumps out of that note and goes to the top of the list.  This is happening no matter what my sync settings are, manual or automatic.
I am able to reproduce these results consistently.  Here is how I do it:
1) I make a new notebook called test
2) click new note button, enter title "Test", then some misc text in the note area (no problem here, expected behavior)
3) click new note button, enter title "King", the note moves above Test in the note list, I then enter some misc text in the note area. (no problem here, expected behavior)
4) click new note button, enter title "Queen" (since this starts with a Q instead of a K there is no problem), this note moves below "King" but above test, I then enter some misc text in the note area. (no problem here, expected behavior)
5) click new note button, enter title "Knight", the note moves below "King" and above "Queen" but the focus jumps to the "King" note. This is where the problem is.
since "Knight" starts with a K after I type the title Evernote jumps out of the new note titled "Knight" and jumps to the note titled "King".
I am attaching a video showing the above.  If to doesn't come through your support system let me know and I'll put it on a website so you can view it in a browser.
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Hi JimKn,

thank you for your quick response :)

I knew that this happens very often to me, I just didn't knew how to reproduce it.

It happened very often and I had renamed notes which I didn't selected and it was really annoying.


For now I will change the settings ("show notes in groups") to avoid this bug, but I hope it gets fixed :)


I googled for it before I posted it, but I really didn't knew how to call it, so I couldn't find these posts...

(I've forgot to google for "Aargh!" :D)


kind regards

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Well actually I told them they could close mine on Mar 26 since I didn't need the group headings. I provided mine here just for the info contained in it.  In other words I don't need any support for it at this time just pasing along info.

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