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  1. Ok, but I can't use it. I tried everything, I removed Scannable and Evernote so the data is completely wiped and than installed it again and installed other (older) versions. It doesn't work, there are no alternative clients and I can't even use the Webclient (no mobile version). Currently it's impossible for me to use Evernote on my iPhone.
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply. I didn't meant that I was downgraded by this bug, I meant that my subscription expired, so it's ok, that I'm not a premium member anymore (my own choice). I just thought the app crashing bug COULD have a correlation with the expired subscription bug (so like "because I've no subscription anymore the app crashes, because he tries anything but have no permission"). Kind regards
  3. Hey, I had crashing problems with Evernote (really, on every launch), removed it and installed it again and I even can't login. It crashes immediately. When I turn off my internet it doesn't crash (but says "no connection, try again"). Device: iPhone 6, iOS 8.1 I was premium member and now I'm not, could the crash problem have a correlation with that? (I completely removed Evernote and installed it again, tried it with the newest version and other, older versions, it just doesn't work). Kind regards
  4. i meant its not possible to define a new password (on mac):
  5. Hi, when I click on the "encrypt selected text" (i have the german version, i cant quote exactly) I get asked for a password (?) and when I write this password for what Ive been asked, the new password for the new text selection is an old password for anything else. I cant define new passwords, even when I try it in other notes, Evernote asks me everytime for the same password, instead of giving me the "Create" gui. kind regards
  6. hi, i get this error message, skitch worked for me a long while and still works sometimes.
  7. I created a new ticket, I hope the description was enough. #681069
  8. Hi JimKn, thank you for your quick response I knew that this happens very often to me, I just didn't knew how to reproduce it. It happened very often and I had renamed notes which I didn't selected and it was really annoying. For now I will change the settings ("show notes in groups") to avoid this bug, but I hope it gets fixed I googled for it before I posted it, but I really didn't knew how to call it, so I couldn't find these posts... (I've forgot to google for "Aargh!" ) kind regards
  9. Hey, I am not sure when it happens, but it happened often to me. I could reproduce this "bug" (i don't know if it is) by creating a new notepad and creating a note in it. The first note in this notepad has this annoying focus bug. When you create a note and start to type the title and take a short break it selects the whole title (for whatever reason). I dont realize it fast enough and start to type again and the whole title is removed. It happens during the sort sequence. Kind regards evernote.mov
  10. Hey, I have the same problem. I tried it with the "keyboard setting", not just for Skitch, even for Skitch Helper, and the hotkey shows correctly in the menu bar, but it still reacts to cmd + shift + 5, instead of the custom one. It would be very nice, if you could add the hotkey mapping functionality (I don't think that this is hard to implement ). Currently I can't open the Helper because of a conflict. Kind regards
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