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  1. Ahh ok thanks. I did actually try searching the forums but was only coming up with posts about snippets with blank notes.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am having a problem with the large majority of my notes having a blank snippet in snippet view. Mac mini (Late 2014) 3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB Sierra 10.12.3 Evernote Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) This is a new system, first time Evernote has been installed on it. I allowed it to download all my notes and then witched to "Snippet View". Roughly 25%-50% of the snippets show what they are supposed to but the other 50-75% show only Title, Date, Tags, while not showing any preview text. The Notes have text in them but the Snippet isn't showing any. M
  3. The steps I gave do empty the contents of the .txt or .rtf or ,html file on my system. Are you sure it is not a .doc or .pdf file? Video I made showing how I do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j20_wbGOod8 The video shows 4 files, .txt, .rtf, .html and .docx, all but the dock file import as an actual note not an attachment. Good stuff. Thanks a ton. Follow on question: After import by drag-n-drop, they come in with today's data/time as both the create and update dates on the file. Anyway to have the newly created Evernote read in the create and last mod date on the original file?
  4. Try going to: Apple Menu | System Prefs | Users and Groups | Login Items Tab Make sure EvernoteHelper is listed and there is no checkmark in the box in front of it (Hide Column). Maybe also make sure there is no check in front of the regular Evernote in there as well.
  5. Please tell me we can still have a dark sidebar in whatever version that is.
  6. Not exactly a fix but maybe a temp solution, right click (control click) the EN Dock icon and choose just the window you want. I know it's more steps then you would optimally want but I couldn't find any other way.
  7. No problem, glad you are closer to what you wanted to do. Yeah the classic links are great, You can even make desktop shortcuts from them by doing the following: 1. Select the note you want to make an shortcut/alias to 2. Right click (control click) the note, press and hold down option, select 'Copy Classic Note Link' from the Note menu 3. Open Safari and past the link into the address bar, you do not have to press enter just paste it in. 4. Drag the icon that is to the left of the link to the desk top/folder This makes a .inetloc file which is more or less just a shortcut. Video here: ht
  8. Sorry forgot to addressthis part in last post. I am on Mac. I don't make a public link I just copy the note link. In the Snippets view I click the note snippet and right click (Control Click if you have one button mouse) I choose either "Copy Note Link" or "Copy Classic Note Link" as I taked about in the above reply. I then paste the link in the scrivener reference area The "Classic" link is the one that will open in Evernote. Here is a video: http://youtu.be/c7K80xtrpmY
  9. New style: https: // www. evernote .com/shard/s124/nl/13835735/c1ed06ee-ed3b-4919-95b5-3a14c7c1ec4e/ Old "Classic" style evernote:///view/13835735/s124/c1ed06ee-ed3b-4919-95b5-3a14c7c1ec4e/c1ed06ee-ed3b-4919-95b5-3a14c7c1ec4e/ Those are for the same note. You can right click the note and choose "Copy Note Link" too get the new style one, or right click and then press option at which time "Copy Note Link" will change to "Copy Classic Note Link" and click that to get the old style one. The difference is the first one will open the note in a web browser, the second "classic" will ope
  10. I don't really use the references but I was able to get bot old and new style links to work by using "Create External Reference", new style opens the note in a browser and old style opens in a new EN window, maybe not exactly what you were looking for but could still be handy..
  11. I just tried using the import webpage with an evernote link and it worked fine. However if I leave that note and come back I get a spinning icon with only the evernote logo and the title of the note. Usually I just use copy and past to get notes into other apps. Command A to select everything in the note, Command C to copy, switch app, Command V to paste.
  12. That's it! All I had to was typing space after the link! I didn't know that. Thank you Jim My apologies to the developers. No problem, glad to help.
  13. I just tested it on my windows machine and it works fine there as well, Evernote and Evernote You do need to tyoe a space or press enter after the link for it to be made clickable, have you done that?
  14. I am running Evernote 5.5.2 on OSX 10.9.4 and all links that I have pasted or typed in the last few years are converted to proper clickable links. I have several whole notes that are nothing but 100s of clickable links (and name of page or note in plain text) all typed or pasted over several versions/years.
  15. EN If you do change it please make an option to disable the are you sure prompt as I am totally fine without it. I do however realize others may not be so happy without it.
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