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  1. Ahh ok thanks. I did actually try searching the forums but was only coming up with posts about snippets with blank notes.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am having a problem with the large majority of my notes having a blank snippet in snippet view. Mac mini (Late 2014) 3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB Sierra 10.12.3 Evernote Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) This is a new system, first time Evernote has been installed on it. I allowed it to download all my notes and then witched to "Snippet View". Roughly 25%-50% of the snippets show what they are supposed to but the other 50-75% show only Title, Date, Tags, while not showing any preview text. The Notes have text in them but the Snippet isn't showing any. My previous Mac (a 2009 Mac Book Pro) has the same version of Evernote but is on Yosemite, that computer shows all the snippets correctly, text preview included. What can I do to fix the snippets on the new Mac? Editing a note and then selecting another note does fix the issue in a per note basis but we are talking hundreds of notes that would need to be individually updated. I have 1197 notes total. Is there some way to refresh the previews in the snippets all at once? Other things I have tried: Clicking Sync Icon on toolbar several times (waiting for it to stop before clicking again) Exiting and restarting Evernote (Menu: Evernote | Quit Evernote) Restarting the computer Changing views Waiting a few days in hopes something magically happens. Ok fine I was playing Xbox. I would prefer not to have to delete and redownload all the notes just to get the previews to show since the notes are actually there in Evernote and because it's pretty large. I don't want to have my internet provider get on me for high data usage, I have an Xbox and those game images eat up a lot of data already.
  3. Hi SoftwareMarcus, Thank you for the information. That is indeed what happened. Turns out there is one note shared with me that I didn't realize. Like I said it felt like they were all there but I wanted to be sure before editing a bunch of stuff and making matters worse.
  4. Hi, I just updated to 6.1.1. from 6.1 direct download versions. I use manual sync, never automatic and I have some local only notebooks. I am on a 17 inch MBP early 2009, with Yosemite OS X 10.10.5. I had 1872 notes before the update. I did a sync and a local backup (.enex) by clicking "Notes" in the left pane, then cmd+a to select all the notes. The progress bar showed 1872 as the total. After the update when EN restarted the right pane said I had 1855 notes. It turns out that on restart it didn't reselect all of them. When I do select all the Right pane still shows 1872 but the left pane only shows 1871. Have I lost 1 note or is this just a bug in EN and all my notes are really there? Can I find out which one if any was lost specifically? I did another backup (.enex) and it seems the file is only 2 bytes smaller than the backup from before the update. The only note I was woking on recently is still in there with the changes so I kinda feel that they are all actually there but I don't wanna loose any if not so I'm checking to see if you know of a miscount bug or if anyone else has experienced this.
  5. The steps I gave do empty the contents of the .txt or .rtf or ,html file on my system. Are you sure it is not a .doc or .pdf file? Video I made showing how I do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j20_wbGOod8 The video shows 4 files, .txt, .rtf, .html and .docx, all but the dock file import as an actual note not an attachment. Good stuff. Thanks a ton. Follow on question: After import by drag-n-drop, they come in with today's data/time as both the create and update dates on the file. Anyway to have the newly created Evernote read in the create and last mod date on the original file? I don't think there is a way to to get the dates directly. Unless someone else knows of a way you would probably need to make an applescript to do that. I only toyed with applescript with EN so I couldn't really make one for you.
  6. Hi, if you go to View menu | Notebooks are the stacks still there? if so is View menu | Sidebar Options | Notebooks Checked? if so can you give some more detail as to what you are seeing/doing?
  7. I am seeing this occasionally as well. Most of the ones I paste are linked but some are not. This seems, for me at least, to only occur occasionally and only when there is also non link text on the clipboard. Typed ones are ok, they change after I type a space after them or press enter/return like I would expect. OSX 10.9.5 EN 5.6.0 450741 Direct
  8. I don't know of an official way but a quick and dirty way would be to: make a copy of the note in the copy delete the attachment print the copy delete the copy
  9. It doesn't seem like it I tried setting a new Paper size setting with margins set to zero and that still give a wide margin. There are no options in Evernote that I can find to change either of your issues.
  10. Try going to: Apple Menu | System Prefs | Users and Groups | Login Items Tab Make sure EvernoteHelper is listed and there is no checkmark in the box in front of it (Hide Column). Maybe also make sure there is no check in front of the regular Evernote in there as well.
  11. No problem glad I could help.
  12. I'm guessing here but: 1) Try changing the default paper Apple Menu | System Prefs | Printers and Scanners | default paper Size dropdown 2) Reset the printing system: Apple Menus | System Prefs | Printers and Scanners | right click/Control click the printer | Reset printing system Careful with this one, it will change any custom settings back to default. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1341
  13. Thanks for the reply but pasted things seem different now then when we had that checkbox. I use to get more or less plain text and pictures, now I get all kinds of other formatting. I could use ⇧⌘V but then I loose pictures and have to copy each one. Basically what I am looking for is just text and pictures no formatting. This is when posting into a new blank note. Simplify Formatting option under the Format menu is an option but it seems like I would have to do it for eveything I add in and that is why I had the check box checked on previous versions. As a serviceable alternative I can recommend the free app FormatMatch which lets you toggle systemwide between regular copy-pasting and a mode where all formats are removed. Thanks for the suggestion but it removes the pictures as well as the formatting.
  14. That looks like it has something to do with a calendar event, did you get the note info from a Mail/Calandar app such as Outlook/Google Calandar?
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