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Evernote Updates Break Desktop/Quick Launch Shortcuts


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I have Evernote installed on my office PC (Windows Xp). 


For the past year or so (yes, I'm just getting around to posting this now!), whenever Evernote updates,  the shortcut on my desktop and quick launch bars break and I have to delete them and add them back in.


By break, I mean they go from being an Evernote icon to the Windows what-the-hell-is-this-file kind of icon. 


Aside from my office desperately needing to upgrade my OS, what could be causing this?

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This has been mentioned before - Evernote tends to uninstall the previous version when it updates,  which automatically nukes the shortcuts.  Unfortunately they haven't quite nailed putting them all back again properly once the update is complete..


You might try the Revo remove and reinstall option (if you haven't already) if what you're getting is broken shortcuts rather than missing ones,  but unfortunately there's no other current fix or work around of which I'm aware - apart from manually fixing the connection.  


Raise a support ticket if you feel strongly about it - it might get more action sooner!

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A workaround is to use Autohotkey.  I just updated to the latest EN version & my hotkeys defined in AH (to invoke EN) still work just fine & I don't recall ever having to change the script because of an Evernote update.

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