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Hi, EN was working fine this morning and now when i try to use it i get a message saying it's in offline mode. every few minutes i get a notification along the bottom of my screen that it's in offline mode. i've closed out all my cards and restarted, still happening. I've logged out and back in - still happening. Any suggestions?

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To me, that is not a feasable workaround. This happens intermittently. sometimes EN works great, sometimes it's a spinning mess, sometimes it's offline. Ironically, i had never heard of evernote before I got my pre and although it is an amazing application, it needs to be much more reliable from the mobile platform. I can see plenty of uses for EN, but I won't go to a paid subscription until the issues with the pre are fixed.

That being said, there is not way I'm giving up on the app so soon. We're talking about a platform that has been out for only a few months, so what we have so far is, to me, an excellent start.

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I agree that EN for Palm Pre is highly unstable.

I thought for the longest time EN for Palm Pre couldn't use WiFi. Because I would switch to it and it would say Offline Mode and then I had to restart my phone.

I found that if you start EN with WiFi off, then turn WiFi on, even if you closed EN before switching, it screws it all up.

So I only open EN with WiFi on first now.

Using WiFi improves the overall experience, but still I have lost a note here and there.

Stability my friends, need better stability.

But I love EN, just so we're clear. ;)

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I agree that EN is an AWESOME program. I absolutely love it...especially the webclipping feature. However, can someone clear some confusion up for me. I understand that EN is not available offline. However, is "offline" considered connected to a WiFi connection or should I still be able to use because of Palm Pre data plan?

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"Online" just means that we have some way to communicate with our servers ... this could be WiFi, mobile data, etc. Many Evernote users have accounts with gigabytes of data, and our mobile applications do not currently pull all of that data down to the device (and index it for searching, offline editing, etc.).

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Engberg...Thank you. I have no where near even a 1gb of data...pretty much ALL of my notes are just text because I migrated from the memo's used on my Treo. So what is causing EN to launch in "Offline Mode" if I should be able to connect through my regular data plan as long as I can connect to the web? What am I doing wrong? It always launches in "Offline Mode" unless I'm connected to a WiFi network.

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Sorry - you can completely ignore my last post, I didn't realize this was about the Palm Pre.

We have a fix for this "Offline Mode" problem in our upcoming Pre update. We sent this application update to Palm a few weeks ago and are eagerly awaiting its appearance in the App Catalog.

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