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  1. I just got a replacement Pre this morning and Evernote failed to copy over onto my new Pre. I tried to go to the app catalog to download it, but it does not appear regardless of whether I try to search for it or if I scroll alphabetically. Is this a known issue?
  2. To me, that is not a feasable workaround. This happens intermittently. sometimes EN works great, sometimes it's a spinning mess, sometimes it's offline. Ironically, i had never heard of evernote before I got my pre and although it is an amazing application, it needs to be much more reliable from the mobile platform. I can see plenty of uses for EN, but I won't go to a paid subscription until the issues with the pre are fixed. That being said, there is not way I'm giving up on the app so soon. We're talking about a platform that has been out for only a few months, so what we have so far is, to me, an excellent start.
  3. Hi, EN was working fine this morning and now when i try to use it i get a message saying it's in offline mode. every few minutes i get a notification along the bottom of my screen that it's in offline mode. i've closed out all my cards and restarted, still happening. I've logged out and back in - still happening. Any suggestions?
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