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  1. looking for beta testers for ios

  2. Hi - Thanks for asking. I wish Android gave us a better way to communicate why we use each piece of data: PERSONAL INFORMATION:We use "Read Contact Data" to allows the Android application to access the contact list in support of the "email a note" feature. We only access this information when you request "Email a note". The content of your contact list is not sent to Evernote. We use only the email addresses of only to contacts you select. This information is used exclusively to send emails. "Read sensitive log data" is used if you encounter a problem. In this instance you can select "Send logs" from the "Settings" screen. Evernote sends the logs to your local email client where you can review the information before it is sent to Evernote. DISCOVER KNOWN ACCOUNTS is used to obtain your email account to pre-populate the registration form's the email field. We don't store the value unless it is submitted for registation. We want the registration process to be as easy as possible. READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: We access your phone's IMEI number to obtain a unique number for your device when targeting specific one-time upgrades. This information is only sent to Evernote if upgrades apply. I'm happy to elaborate. In a nut shell: we only access privileged information to make the application easier for the user and we only transmit that information to the server if it's required to provide you a specific service. We only store that information on our server for your benefit.
  3. Hey folks - 3.0 beta 1 is out and should address this problem. Let us know!
  4. By default sync Evernote syncs every 30 minutes in the background. You can disable it under Settings. Other than sync, there's no significant CPU drain in the background.
  5. Hey folks - Sorry about all the hassels with note loading taking forever, we've been hard at work on a big update. Please take a look at the latest beta, we hope you'll love it: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=21941 There were a few problems that we've addressed: - Honeycomb Android clients have some different SSL behavior that required some re-work. It wasn't releasing connections like previous OS's did so the device could lock up for a bit. - We've improved the HTTP connection management and the "Keep Alive" behavior so network requests are much faster. - In general we've reduced the need for network requests in several cases so cached notes should appear more quickly We've noticed that some devices drop the networking connections every 5 minutes. Our new version handles this better than prior versions. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for the report. We've reproduced this internally. You're correct that the current workaround is to restart Evernote, but we're working on a complete fix.
  7. We've published an update to the Clip to Evernote Firefox extension at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8381 Hopefully this will address your installation problems. It also gives a bit better support for clipping styled pages.
  8. Hi folks - The web release that was just launched fixes this bug. Thanks for reporting this problem. Please let us know if you still have trouble. Now, if you clip a note and it has no body, only a URL and title, then the body of the note becomes a link. The source URL continues to be set.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like a new bug. We'll look into it. Regards.
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