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  1. Regarding the 3rd party access, we do have access controls for 3rd party (OAuth tokens). We can limit access to create only, read, update, delete anything but notes, delete notes, and read user information. These permissions are displayed when you grant OAuth access and can be view and managed within the Applications tab within Setting. This is distinct from 3rd party applications like, for example, a iOS app the integrates with the Evernote service. If you give a 3rd party application your username and password then, from a security perspective they have full access. If you've got questions or requests about this it would be great to bring them up in the Evernote Developers forum. Evernote has a group dedicated to partners. I'm not an expert on this area.
  2. 1. A link to the terms of service are presented at registration on and on our web site. You agree to them when you register. We don't enumerate the technical permissions requested for the iOS app. We follow the iOS/AppStore guidelines. 2. Evernote for iOS doesn't explicitly request access for any information accept location per iOS guidelines. 3. During the upgrade or install from the Android Market. Android doesn't allow automatic install of applications that change permissions. 4. That question is quite broad. For example Android and iOS both access the gallery if you want to import a picture. Both access the address book as I mentioned above. You can copy and paste into Evernote so we need to use the clipboard. Mac and Windows both support screen capture. We haven't implemented smart auto-titles on the desktop or web yet. The Mac client also accesses your address book when emailing notes (to give address completion) this feature isn't supported as a general operating system capability on Windows. Evernote doesn't grab any information from Outlook. We used to have an Outlook extension that would allow you to copy an email into Evernote but it's no longer supported. Evernote access this information based on actions the user takes. Your personal data is only used to improve the user experience. FYI - The Android permissions list is also in Settings -> Apps -> [App name]. You may view the permissions of any app. Android does not automatically update applications if their permissions change.
  3. Thanks for raising the issue. We're happy to explain in detail why we request this access. For starters, you may want to read Evernote's 3 Laws of Data Privacy. Each permissions requests exists only to provide you a better customer experience, not to help Evernote, or invade your privacy: - Read Personal Contact Data is used to pre-populate this registration form. - Allows an application to read all of the contact is used to support address book integration when you email a note or share a notebook - Allows an application to read from the system's various log files is used to let users send their logs (available under Settings). - Allows an application to read all of the calendar events stored on your device is new. We now have some cool features that will automatically title notes based on your calendar (and location information). Evernote gathers this information to help you have a better experience. We don't capture this information unless you're performing an operation that needs it (we don't grab your contact info unless we're showing it to you.). We don't look at your calendar unless we're recommending a title for your notes. We don't look at your logs unless you've requested to send us logs. These types of concerns have come up in the past and our goal is to be as transparent as possible. Sadly the AppStores/Markets don't give us a good clear way to communicate why we need this information so we appreciate you giving us the chance to explain.
  4. That can easily be overcome by separating the Evernote app into Evernote and EvernoteWidgets. That's how other apps have got around the limitation. This means that the main Evernote app can be moved to the SD card, and it doesn't matter about EvernoteWidgets because it will very small in size. Yup, in the works!
  5. looking for beta testers for ios

  6. Recent versions of the Evernote client (v.3.2) moved the database to the SDCard in response to user requests to reduce the use of the internal SD card and the ability to store more data offline. Note, this move is different from moving the application to the SD Card. This can cause performance problems in some instances. Some applications will crawl or lock the external SD Card which will cause performance problems. Additionally, some phones come with poor performing SD Cards. Finally, plugging the phone into a computer and mounting the SD card will disrupt the Evernote application. We'd love to get more information about the problem you're encountering. To send us diagnostic information launch Evernote, perform an operation that encounters a problem, then go to "Settings" from the menu on the Home screen and select "Send log". In the To field set the email address to: android-preview@evernote.com. Moving the app to an SD Card, due to an Android limitation, does prevent the widget from working.
  7. Evernote on the tablet does have a UI that's tailored to the larger form factor. See here for details: http://blog.evernote.com/2011/07/12/evernote-for-android-update-all-new-tablet-interface-create-rich-text-notes-and-more/ The PDF viewing is dependent on the PDF viewing app. A tablet will generally have a faster CPU than a phone.
  8. We'd love to get more of your feedback on how to improve skitch on the Skitch forum: viewforum.php?f=69
  9. Hi folks - We've published another beta of Evernote for Android phone and tablet (version 3.1 Beta 3 - rev. 154822). This version is packed full of performance improvements, bug fixes and UI tweaks that should make the user experience a whole lot better. You'll notice that on both the tablet and phone the scrolling performance of notes with thumbnails is vastly improved. Sync performance is also faster. We keep making the note editor better fixing several bugs. We've also added a little more polish to the UI on a bunch of screens including the login and registration screens. Check for updates or download now at: http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview
  10. Hi folks - We've published another update to Evernote's MacOS client. Here's the run down of what's new. Snippets: Like the iPhone and Android client, we've incorporated snippet view. The mixed view is now replaced by the snippet view. Snippets provide much higher information density than the current mixed view, make it easier to get useful information out of brief text notes, and help to distinguish the type of content in the note. We're excited to see that MacOS 10.7 (Lion) has also added snippets to the new Mail client. In the most recent update we've addressed some problems with snippets including displaying the encrypted data of a snippet in the snippet list. Notes menu: As we've been adding more functionality to the Mac client, it seemed useful to add a Note menu. The notes menu is similar to the content in the context menus available from the note list. Back/Forward tool bar buttons for browsing your navigation history is now available in the single note view. Long press on the Back or Forward button in the single note or main menu to see the titles of the notes you've previously viewed. Improved drag and drop: You can drag notes to the desktop create ENEX export. You can drag and drop a note into another note in a single note view to create a note link. You can download the beta now at: http://s.evernote.com/mac2preview
  11. We've updated the Evernote for Android version (v. 3.1 Beta 2 revision 151235) with a few improvements and many bug fixes. Some of the problems raised by the note editor have been addressed. Additionally, if a note has become corrupted we've added a menu item to access the note so you may be able to recover the essencial information. We've also added a great new large format widget. [attachment=0]widget.jpg[/attachment] Download the beta at: http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview Please give it a try.
  12. In Settings you can enable PIN Lock which provides a 4 digit numeric pin that is required to view any of your account content. PIN lock was designed for this exact use-case.
  13. Big news! The first beta of Evernote 3.1 for Android is ready for download (and also available via auto-update). Tablet users behold! We've redesigned the user interface specifically for large format devices. If you were lucky to pass by our booth at Google IO you may have seen a preview. Evernote for Android will work both on phones and tablets. Some early tablet releases may have some troubles but we encourage you to give it a try and let us know how it goes. In addition to tablet support we've also added a full rich text editing and authoring user interface. This version lets you create to-do items, bulleted lists and other styled text straight from your phone. Download the beta at: http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview
  14. Yes. If you are premium you can view all your notes and their resources (including images and PDFs) offline in any notebook with offline access enabled. Once you become premium you must select which notebooks should be kept offline. Evernote for Android will sync in the background and download notes (and their resources) in all the notebooks which are flagged for offline access. This data is stored on your SD card, Once the data is synced it can be accessed even when you don't have network access.
  15. Hey folks - We've published a beta for Evernote for Mac with a bunch of great new features that we'd love you to try. In the first beta we added Note links, which provides an easy way to create web-like-links between notes. You can also place note links into other applications or documents too. In this case, when you click on note links, Evernote will launch and the associated note will open. To create a note link, right click on one or more notes, select "Copy Note Link". The note links are placed on the clipboard. You can paste them into other notes, calendar entries, or web pages. Note links don't contain any security information. If you give a note link to someone who doesn't have access to your notes, the note link will be useless. In this latest beta we've also added the ability to copy notes. To copy a note, right click on it. You can copy notes between your own notebooks or shared notebooks and your personal account. You may only copy one note. At the bottom of the Copy to Notebook sub-menu you can see that we've provided some options that allow you to configure how copy handles tags and create dates. This version also fixes a bug when searching for CJK characters. Please check for updates or give it a try at the link below. http://s.evernote.com/mac2preview
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