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  1. what .... the .... F Evernote. I have been using you for almost 5 years. And I just noticed this hide unassigned tags feature is missing now in ver 5. This was huge for me, as apparently many others. Why do you ***** with your users like so many other developers? This is not the feature to remove.
  2. you can already open a note into a new window, thereby having the note open in its own window and the main Evernote window. editing the note in either place will update in the other pretty quickly. so I don't think the argument of having multiple search results in two places is a big deal, because Evernote already handles that issue of a note in more than once place. print screen isn't really a work around, it's just a print screen. those of us requesting this would like work out of a real search window, and be able to navigate around in the notes presented from the search results. a print screen wouldn't really help with that. but thanks for the ideas.
  3. +1 I use lots of different tags to sort my views. I'd like to have a couple of windows open, 1 with a different tag selected, align the two windows on another monitor so I can just glance over and essentially be looking at two different lists. This could only be done with a separate main window, because I'm not looking at a specific NOTE, but a list of notes filtered. And I want to look at multiple filtered lists at the same time.
  4. Right. So...how about how to fix it. Clicking in the left pane and then having to hit the HOME key is about the same as scrolling. What I'd like is a fix - why does it jump down to the bottom in the first place? Seems like a bug to me. Am I the only one having this problem?
  5. Evernote Windows client - build Sometimes when I change notebooks, the left hand navigation jumps all the way to the bottom. I have several hundred tags, about a hundred notebooks, and quite a few saved searches. So I'm at the top of the left hand navigation, I click on a particular notebook, causing the right side to refresh and populate w notes in this notebook, and the left hand side where I clicked on the notebooks refreshes/jumps to the bottom of the list. I then have to scroll all the way back up to change notebooks. It's getting to be really frustrating the more tags, searches, and notebooks I add. Any ideas? thanks
  6. +1 for this too. I use Notepad for all my drafts and note taking. I use tabs a ton, and when I'm all finished I copy and paste into the Windows client. It looks good while I'm looking at it but if I click on another note and then back on that note it loses all the tab formatting. So then I end up going back through and tabbing all over again. Very tedious. Please fix. Thanks
  7. I have been unable to use the Evernote client for Palm pre for sometime now. I stopped using it about a month ago because it kept timing out and was very unstable. I saw that there was an update a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it another go. However everytime I now attempt to login it gives me the error: Login Error Error: Failed To Sync Caches TRY AGAIN I've deleted the app and reinstalled it and it is 0.1.13 I believe. Any suggestions? thanks
  8. I like all the suggestions. But the one I REALLY want is the ability to hide unused tags. It's really difficult to navigate my entire list of tags, very cumbersome. I have some Notebooks that only have about 3-5 tags in use, and some of those are near the bottom of the list. So only seeing those 5 would be great! Thanks DaveWay
  9. I could understand with the words, because you would want the "most relevant." However Saved Search aside, on any other client; Windows, standard web, even the new Palm Pre client, etc; if I type "tag:tagName" in the search it sorts from newest to oldest; newest at the top. Only on the Mobile Web client when I search for "tag:tagName" does it reverse sort, with oldest at the top. So I can understand the "most relevant" argument, except no other client I've tried sorts that way. Only the Mobile Web client. Thanks -Dave Lawrence
  10. So...How come the Mobile Web version sorts backwards? when I access the Mobile web version, and choose Recent Notes, all is dandy and I have the most recent note at the top. I also have some Saved Searches for "Notebook:NotebookName" and they also sort fine, with the most recent at the top. But all my Saved Searches with "tag:tagName" in them sort backwards. With the oldest note at the top? This is really confusing because often my Saved Searches return more than the 15 or so displayed notes, so the most recent note is at the end of the 2nd, 3rd, etc. page. As far as I can tell it only happens with Saved Searches that only search the "tag:" attribute. Even " -tag:* " sorts backwards, which is quite cumbersome and useless on the Mobile Web, because I usually want to start tagging from the most recent. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. I'll add a few things. Notebooks - definitely need this. (ie. the ability to sort, or only look at a certain Notebook) -One tip, create Saved Searches like "Notebook - NotebookName" -This way all your notebooks stay near each other and can be searched just for the notebook. Next - ALPHABETIZE SAVED SEARCHES. -so I can pretty much get around most of the annoyances because I can access saved searches on the Plam pre. I can make Saved Searches for tags, for notebooks, for whatever. HOWEVER, the Saved Searches are not alphabetized! So I'll make some like "A-Current" so I can have a particular search at the top, however this Saved Search ends up being at the bottom of my list. -I'm confused why these aren't alphabetized, or follow any kind of order. -when I access saved searches the list is just a jumbled mess and I find myself scrolling up and down trying to find what I'm looking for. Next - Some way of tag fill. I have like 300 tags. I love tags, but I can't remember them all. Is there not someway to have typing in a tag for a note and have it start to pre fill? Or at least choose from some kind of list (an alphabetized list ? Just some method that I don't have to remember them and can choose from options? Finally - as I think has been mentioned before, stability. For one, I should be able to switch from WiFi to cellular and back again and use EN. Even if I have to shut EN down that's fine. But right now, when I switch wireless modes, it screws everything up with EN, I start getting the "Offline" error, and I have to restart the whole phone. Thanks much - you guys rock.
  12. I agree that EN for Palm Pre is highly unstable. I thought for the longest time EN for Palm Pre couldn't use WiFi. Because I would switch to it and it would say Offline Mode and then I had to restart my phone. I found that if you start EN with WiFi off, then turn WiFi on, even if you closed EN before switching, it screws it all up. So I only open EN with WiFi on first now. Using WiFi improves the overall experience, but still I have lost a note here and there. Stability my friends, need better stability. But I love EN, just so we're clear.
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