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  1. you can already open a note into a new window, thereby having the note open in its own window and the main Evernote window. editing the note in either place will update in the other pretty quickly. so I don't think the argument of having multiple search results in two places is a big deal, because Evernote already handles that issue of a note in more than once place. print screen isn't really a work around, it's just a print screen. those of us requesting this would like work out of a real search window, and be able to navigate around in the notes presented from the search results. a print screen wouldn't really help with that. but thanks for the ideas.
  2. +1 I use lots of different tags to sort my views. I'd like to have a couple of windows open, 1 with a different tag selected, align the two windows on another monitor so I can just glance over and essentially be looking at two different lists. This could only be done with a separate main window, because I'm not looking at a specific NOTE, but a list of notes filtered. And I want to look at multiple filtered lists at the same time.
  3. +1 for this too. I use Notepad for all my drafts and note taking. I use tabs a ton, and when I'm all finished I copy and paste into the Windows client. It looks good while I'm looking at it but if I click on another note and then back on that note it loses all the tab formatting. So then I end up going back through and tabbing all over again. Very tedious. Please fix. Thanks
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