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Highlight custom color?

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New user to Evernote, is there a way to highlight with custom colors (the default one is too light for me and I generally go with 3 or 4 highlight colors for different purposes). Basic mucking around different options and other discussion threads led me nowhere, so posting here - this seems to be a very basic feature (specially since the font color can be customized).


If not possible now, does anyone know which version is coming up with this feature.




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Not on the Mac and Evernote don't typically discuss their roadmap. However, there have been whispers of major editor updates as being the next "big thing" and being able to choose the highlighter colour might be included in this (or not).

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You might look into converting your Note to a PDF, and then annotating it with either Evernote's built-in annotation tools or with (on a Mac at least) Preview's annotation tools.  You can open any PDF stored in an Evernote Note in Preview by double-clicking the header of the PDF.


Preview works for reading/annotating PDFs.  It gives you five color choices for highlighting; additionally, you get underlining and strikethrough in red.  These can be applied to selected text.  There are other drawing/mark-up tools as well, including collapsable notes and call-outs  Some of these tools allow you to set any color you want.


Evernote lets you annotate PDF's as graphics.  You cannot select text, but the colors used by the "Draw on your Image" tool are transparent and can be used effectively.


Note that as a workflow, combining these is likely not recommended.  IME, Evernote is not set up to deal with multiple drawing layers on PDFs.


If I were the coffee-mugger, I would make annotating notes in my note-creation-storage-and-retrieval app a top priority.


As a side note, you might also look into having your monitor hardware calibrated to less than 120 cd/m2, if you haven't.  Lowering the brightness and assuring the hues are correct will give you the best chance of being able to make use of the yellow highlight that Evernote uses.

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Being able to change the color of the text highlighter seems so basic. I am really surprised Evernote does not do this little thing alraedy. Everyone does it! No, not that!! Changing the color of the highlight I mean. Give me a break.. I have to communicate with LAWYERS almost every day and the each want their own color!! "First thing let's do is..."


Please add this feature.

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I don't mind having just the one colour, but could Evernote please make it a bit brighter? The default yellow can hardly be seen, thereby almost making the highlighter useless.

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Custom Highlight colour would be great. It could even be presented very simply as a few options - Green / Blue / Yellow / Orange / Grey

It could be a simple setting in prefs to always choose just one colour and keep it uniform throughout by design (like now) — I just want to choose a different colour option than yellow.


Personally, I don't really love that shade of yellow. it's a bit too post-it note boring and not nice enough.

I like the way the feature is implemented though and wouldn't want too much customization per say, however, a bit more than an on/off option might be nice.

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