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  1. Its a hidden option, hold down option key (on MAC) and then click Help
  2. That was it. It fixed the issue. Thank you so much!!!
  3. Hi - I just updated EN to 7.1 and search is completely broken. Earlier, it was able to partial match on title or content, but with this update - even exact match on title or any word in content does not work. I haven't been able to make search work for "anything" - it simply returns "0 notes found" PS: I have been using EN for years, so I poked around trying to see if I had missed some setting, but I don't think so.
  4. Ah - I see now. I was mixing up "content" of local notebooks with local notebook itself I am ok if we can get all the contents of this folder to show up in Evernote somehow under a single notebook (and then I can manually categorize later) The issue is I cannot get the contents of any of my local notebooks to show up in EN I know its there - I can see .enml files - but unable to import these files (contents) in EN
  5. so may be we can treat 70026854 as a backup and try restoring from this source and see if we get lucky ?
  6. That is the weird part I did not understand. It does show up as my current database, and it also has all my local notebooks that are not showing up in EN app. The issue is it is not showing up in evernote - so looks like it just needs a reset somehow or "force load" the full database (70026854) again ?
  7. @DTLow - so since I have all the contents of the files, its just the issue of importing/displaying in Evernote, right? Where is this sql db located? Is is somewhere here: ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote accounts atlas checkpoint eb-up-sell old skus version announcements bootstrap comm-engine logs puppetmaster undo support Is there any possibility I can import/open all these enml files in Evernote, either merging under one notebook or somehow importing along with their notebooks. Since there are 2000 of them, ability to import files categorized with their notebook will be extremely helpful. Big thank you for your time - really appreciate it!
  8. 70026854 has missing local notebooks under contents/ and this itself is my current database folder. That's right, when I go to About Evernote > open database folder, I see two folders: 70026854 and props (that has UserIDMap). But Evernote app/UI/.com does not show local notebooks!!! Weird
  9. I am not sure what rebuilt database mean. I found the database with Local notebooks that are missing from Evernote app. Let me try to see if I can explain. For some reason, after laptop reboot, all the local notebooks from Evernote disappeared. Per your suggestion, I was able to find all these disappeared local notebooks (that are not viewable in Evernote) from database folder (~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/70026854/content). Under this content, all my desired notebooks are present in .enml format I was wondering how can I import all these files (~2000 files) to evernote
  10. Thanks @DTLow. Yes - I was able to locate the database folder with that number nnnnnn as seen in my screenshot above. This has all the data I need - but I was unable to import this to evernote even though the file format is enml
  11. Thank you! Seems I am close. I located the database but it does not have any enex files (please see screenshot). I tried importing enml files with no luck, tried renaming enml -> enex and importing, no luck. Any other pointer to import all my notebooks/notes
  12. Yes I tried logging out of Evernote and rebooting laptop several times - no luck Is there a place in hard drive where the local notebooks are stored and its "linking" might be broken and I can manually call/import it from that location. The reason for my reboot was I ran out of hard disk space, so things (Eg: outlook, terminal, evernote) started quitting due to lack of space. I freed up space and rebooted - thats when this happened.
  13. Hi - All of my Local Notebooks have disappeared after a laptop reboot! Has this happened to anyone else? (All my synchronized notebooks are still there) How can I restore/view them again? I had a lot of local notebooks. Please please HELP. FWIW - I did not do any OS upgrade, not sure if Evernote "self" updated during reboot (I explicitly did not upgrade Evernote). My current Evernote Version is 6.9.2
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