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  1. It is now SEPTEMBER OF 2017. I read these suggestions and requests dating from 2015. Tonight I created a new note which resides in a new notebook. Then, I used the standard Windows 10 screen shot program, selected the part of the screen I wanted, and saved it to my hard drive. I them opened that same image, drug it the Evernote note I just created, and let go of it so I could move my cursor off of the screen. As soon as I click anywhere the screen shot I just planted in the note vanishes. Gone, MIA, moved to Las Vegas or Boston or maybe both where it commutes by Southwest. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TWO YEARS AFTER PEOPLE COMPLAINED? I hope I did something wrong and that you will tell me what it was I did. Please advise.
  2. Good day everyone, Would any participants know if it is possible to use Evernote with Dragon Naturally Speaking version 13? I do understand that it can be used with a dictation box, however, it would be my preference to be able to dictate directly into an Evernote note. Thank you for your time, Mike "God makes the wind. We set the sails."
  3. Being able to change the color of the text highlighter seems so basic. I am really surprised Evernote does not do this little thing alraedy. Everyone does it! No, not that!! Changing the color of the highlight I mean. Give me a break.. I have to communicate with LAWYERS almost every day and the each want their own color!! "First thing let's do is..." Please add this feature.
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