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  1. Hello @jefito and dcon! Thank you both. To respond to you both: I made a mistake. I meant to say "reboot" and not '"reinstall" . Please excuse me. I tried the Task Manager proceedure this morning. I was forced to because when I moved a notebook from one folder to another EN crashed and would not restart from the Taskbar. I went into Task Manager, killed everything EN, and tried to start again from the Taskbar. The program attempted to start and then evaporated in another POOF. Went back to the Taskbar, right clicked on the icon, selected open, and this time it was successful. From now on I will use the Task Manager first and then restart. Thanks again, Mike
  2. I have used Evernote for several years now. It has been interesting to see it grow and change for the better over that time. It is a great program but it does have one chronic problem. Every two or three months it quits opening. I can click on the icon in the task bar and 'POOF" - nothing. I can right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator" and 'POOF" - nothing happens but at least it is at admin level. I can go the apps start menu and try to start from there but I guess you know by now what happens next. NOTHING HAPPENS. My computer laughs at me! Why must I have to reinstall EN time after lonely time and then time and time again until the end of time? Please, fix this. I already know what the meaning of life is all about but starting EN shouldn't be so damn hard. Thank you, 42
  3. It is now SEPTEMBER OF 2017. I read these suggestions and requests dating from 2015. Tonight I created a new note which resides in a new notebook. Then, I used the standard Windows 10 screen shot program, selected the part of the screen I wanted, and saved it to my hard drive. I them opened that same image, drug it the Evernote note I just created, and let go of it so I could move my cursor off of the screen. As soon as I click anywhere the screen shot I just planted in the note vanishes. Gone, MIA, moved to Las Vegas or Boston or maybe both where it commutes by Southwest. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TWO YEARS AFTER PEOPLE COMPLAINED? I hope I did something wrong and that you will tell me what it was I did. Please advise.
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