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Does moving a note from synced to non-synced notebook erase all traces of the note?

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Hmmmm this is an interesting question... 

Word from the Evernote Horses Mouth:



"Unfortunately, we cannot simply "delete" users at this time, but the act of deleting your data from our servers (and emptying it from the trash) will ensure that we do not have any backups that can be restored for you. And removing your email address will ensure that we cannot contact you in any way."


So I assume that if you move notes to a local notebook, the same idea applies, though all I have is my speculation based on the employee quoted above. 

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If you are a Premium user then there will also be note history, i don't know what would happen to that.


Not helping much am I?


Best bet is probably to open a support request and ask Evernote directly - would be good to hear their response if you do so.

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When a note is moved from a synced notebook to a non-synced notebook, is the note irretrievably erased from cloud storage?

For the user, yes. In the grand scheme of things, I'd guess there are backups of Evernote's servers that will retain the info for a period of time. You may find this thread helpful:



In addition to backups, there could be mirrors of the same data on several locations (not quite the same as backups). It may take a while for something marked for deletion on one mirror to be deleted across all mirrors (could be days depending on how they have this whole thing set up). 

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