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(Archived) That's it, I'm out of here.


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I gave Evernote a crack because OneNote looked to be overkill for my needs.  I hoped that Evernote would provide reliable 'connected' editing that would allow me to work on my stuff across the range of platforms and devices that I use.

I hoped for too much.  I got exactly what I paid for.  Zip.

I should point out though, that if the combination of apps, desktop clients and syncing capabilities worked, I'd consider paying, but not after this experience.


We're through.  And, by the way, it's not me, its you.  Evernote, its you.


Aside leaving the toilet seat up and squeezing the toothpaste tube at the wrong end, here's why you don't cut it:


- the Evernote editor is pathetic

    - no sections

    - formatting - too limited

    - removing formatting from a selection - NO, can't do it.

    - no support for basic editing niceties like remembering my indentation from the previous line - the cheesiest editors on the planet do this, but not Evernote.

    - I could go on, but why.  Go read a forum, any forum where the work Evernote shows up.  Read what people think about your editor. It blows dead aardvarks.


- you lose my data

    - Here's what happened today

        - Opened Evernote Windows client and started editing a note that I created earlier

        - since I've seen some flakiness in the past, I Syched frequently - in order to ensure that my note is backed up somewhere else.

        - exited the EV editor

        - relaunched the EV editor

        - my changes to the note are gone.  WTF

        - can I recover my changes by Synching again. No.


I took the time to write this because the amount of time I invested in trying to make our relationship work seems to have been wasted, and more importantly . . .

perhaps others looking for a working solution will find this note realize that they should STAY AWAY FROM EVERNOTE because its ***** pretending to be a working tool.






PS. I'm taking the cat and the Miles Davis records.






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I do not have a support ticket. How would I get one ?



Hi. Normally, you contact support (see the link in my signature), but I converted your post into a ticket for you. You should have received an email by now. Another email will follow from an Evernote customer service rep. Mention TXJAVA and send your sync log to them. They'll take care of the rest, and you'll have a developer on your case. In my experience, this kind of stuff gets sorted out pretty quickly.

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