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  1. Hi zmarcoz, Thanks for reporting this. The Developer team is aware of the change. I don't have an update right now, but be sure to update both Evernote and Skitch when prompted. There should be an update soon. As Gazumped mentioned, you can open a support request if you need to provide additional information. Thanks again for reporting this. ~Terry
  2. Hi alessandrobondi, If you have not already done so, please open a ticket with the support team. https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action For others looking here for help installing the windows app, please do not use the Revo uninstaller unless directed by Evernote Support. The uninstaller does remove some files that are helpful in diagnosing installation errors. Best bet is to open a ticket and see if the support folks can help. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, It looks like there have been some good suggestions in this thread - Thanks for all the good tips. Keep in mind that "Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at client side" is a generic error message that may have a root cause other than the ones discussed here. If you see the error and are not able to find a workaround in this thread, please open a support request. https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Please include a log file with the request. To pull a log from the desktop apps, do the following: Click the Sync button, and then: 1. In the menu, go to: Help > Activity Log... 2. Click the "Save" button in that window to save your log to a file 3. Please reply to this email and attach that file as an attachment to your reply (don't try to paste it into your reply, since it may be very large). Your Activity Log contains a detailed list of the steps being performed by the Evernote application that will help us diagnose the problem you are experiencing. Thanks!
  4. Hi Claudio - Thanks for the update. That is good to hear. ~Terry
  5. Hello, Here is a good overview of the different Evernote levels. I hope this helps. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452 ~Terry
  6. Hi Claudio, The "Vault Account" is the data store for your Evernote Business notes and notebooks. We are tracking cases where this sometimes shows as a user when you check who a notebook or note is shared with. This issue is innocuous and not a cause for concern. The the issue is being reviewed and worked, but for now, you can just read that as a note or notebook that is part of your Evernote Business data store. Hope that helps. If you would like to continue to get updates or to discuss this further, feel free to open a support request. We can look at your case in more detail. Thanks, ~Terry
  7. Looks like you are no longer linked to one of your notebooks: 08:06:13 [8532] 0% Syncing notebook "LaunchCenter Pro" shared by jcjdoss08:06:13 [8532] 0% * loaded linked notebook updateCount: 2325408:06:14 [8532] 0% Linked notebook updateCount=23254, server updateCount=2355808:06:14 [8532] 0% Retrieving list of notebook changes from the server08:06:16 [8532] 0% Expunging 1 linked notebook note08:06:16 [8532] 0% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=SHARD_UNAVAILABLE message="s3" You will need to leave that notebook "LaunchCenter Pro" (right click and choose leave) and then ask for the notebook owner jcjdoss to re-share with you. I hope that helps!
  8. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/52502-evernote-for-windows-512-rc/#entry258041 This is the most recent Beta Version.
  9. Hello David Bowie, I may be able to help with your sound check... It looks like you are using a generic device driver for the Mic (based on the screenshot), If is is a brand name mic, or part of a headset, the manufacturer most likely has a driver specific for the device, rather than the generic Microsoft driver. If you uninstall and then resinstall with the manufacturer's driver and is still does not work, please do open a support ticket, we can take a deeper-dive look Thanks ~TXJAVA
  10. j13ag0, Let me know if you have an open Evernote Support Ticket, I'd like to look at your Sync log to see what the issue might have been. Thanks, TXJAVA
  11. Hi Team- This is a pretty generic error in the log file and can point to different errors. "Nope" is on the right track here, but needs to look a couple more lines up in the log file. The issue is most likely the notebook that the "xxxxxxxxxx" note is trying to access. If you see a notebook 4-5 lines above the: 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="authenticationToken" you have found the root cause. In most cases it is a shared notebook that is no longer valid. Perhaps the owner renamed the notebook, deleted the notebook or changed access priviages. Here's what to do: Delete or leave that notebook (right click). Then go back to the person who shared the notebook and ask them to reshare with modify rights. If this is not the case for you, or if you want additional help interpreting the log file, feel free to open a support ticket. We are here to help.
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