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Why does Evernote online display the dots of the password when I go to the login page?

Hit the Enter key and indeed you're in!

And Evernote tells us they're concerned about our privacy?

And no, I didn't tick some button asking if I wanted to remain logged in for a week.

I use Evernote online at work, at the office, and it is quite common for a fellow worker to use my computer.

There is here a HIGH risk of someone taking a look inside my numerous notebooks and notes.



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And make sure it's not your browser (or an add-in) auto-filling in your login information. And if it's possible / feasible, you should consider having separate accounts for different users of your computer.

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Right, it's almost certainly the browser (whether through an add in or not). So YOU have to be responsible for managing that bit.


In my work environment (and many others) shared computers require individual logins. I'd be more concerned that wasn't happening in your case.

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