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  1. if you are trying to "share" then "more" and hit assign to contact,yes it doesn't seem to work.If you tap on the image and save contact it should do but I only get the one phone number stored. It's a pain that I can't edit the numbers before I save it because on one card I have ,it thinks that a builders licence number is a phone number. It's a new product,hopefully these small glitches will get resolved. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80182-saving-b-card-contacts-to-iphone-with-all-data-on-the-card/
  2. Once it recognised its a business card,tap the business card and it should come up with options to save to Linkedin or contact as per this picture.
  3. Sounds good to me also.Tag before it goes to Evernote.
  4. I think the same format would be good or a choice even better. PDFs are my preferred for documents.
  5. Have you guys tried rebooting your devices or deleting the app and installing directly through the App Store? You won't lose your content when you sign in.
  6. It's a very cool feature!! Can I just also add that if you hold down on the newly created Evernote sharing icon,you can move the position of it to the front if it's your main one you wish to use.
  7. It's a good idea and not sure if it's been discussed but thinking about it,how often would you get a phone bill or credit card bill. Maybe a handful a month and it only takes a few seconds to insert your regular tags. I would hate to have misleading tags end up in my searches when looking for something. This might potentially add hundreds of extra notes I don't need to look at. I'd rather be in control myself,but still I like this idea if it can be tamed.
  8. It's working on my iPad 4th gen and also tested my wife's iPad 2.
  9. It works well,I use it myself and there is a HD version for the iPad.Its just a shame that Evernote can't integrate something like this. Then how come does it receive such low ratings on the App Store? This is the reason I haven't bought or tried it so far. As to Dolphin - does Dolphin let you sync with Safari or Chrome for the Mac? This has kept me from trying the browser so far. I think only Safari will sync across Apple devices and lightly is good also,but I find that the images won't show up like Everclip.Not sure about the ratings but they both work perfectly. You could also try addin
  10. It works well,I use it myself and there is a HD version for the iPad. Its just a shame that Evernote can't integrate something like this.
  11. I'm actually using your service with Omnifocus.You can even add a checkbox to an existing note in Evernote and then it will give a new task in Omnifocus with the Evernote link in the description (quicker than copy and past from one app to the other)I've been using it for a few days and it hasn't let me down.
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