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  1. Did you change the setting from auto to Pdf? Try using auto or JPG format. Looks to me that choosing PDF is the culprit here.
  2. It seems to recognise a small receipt as a business card if you have selected the format as PDF (which I prefer) Going back to Jpg format seems to resolve this mostly.
  3. aussiebob


    Hi You might want to follow this one here for updates. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80301-is-premium-required-for-scannable-ocr-support/ +1 for this one from me.
  4. The shortcuts are the "stared" notes you might have for quick reference.You can add them by going in to a note and using the three ... (Dots) on the bottom right or if viewing in cards you can slide the card to review that option.
  5. It's a good idea and outside Evernote I would like to be able to view on maps. I'm on the road all day and as an example I fill up on fuel about three times a week.Id like to see where the petrol stations are that I've been using. Haven't tried scanning a menu but maybe when eating out you could scan and send the location or store it for future dining. I'm thinking this might be a good feature. I'm sure there are other useful ideas out there like when purchasing products and you need direction back when scanning an invoice or receipt.
  6. if you are trying to "share" then "more" and hit assign to contact,yes it doesn't seem to work.If you tap on the image and save contact it should do but I only get the one phone number stored. It's a pain that I can't edit the numbers before I save it because on one card I have ,it thinks that a builders licence number is a phone number. It's a new product,hopefully these small glitches will get resolved. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80182-saving-b-card-contacts-to-iphone-with-all-data-on-the-card/
  7. Once it recognised its a business card,tap the business card and it should come up with options to save to Linkedin or contact as per this picture.
  8. Seems to be working for me on iOS. Are you using the Evernote web version/Android or Mac to try and edit?
  9. I don't think it supports a double sided document.Just turn the paper over and continue scanning to get two single page documents. It will keep looking for more pages to scan until you stop it or you can go manually.
  10. Sounds good to me also.Tag before it goes to Evernote.
  11. I'll have a guess that it could be Android? http://phandroid.com/2014/03/15/android-101-shortcuts/ Have a look at that post if so . If it's ios,sometimes I've also experienced that apps are still there on the device but you can't see them. You know they are ther by doing a spotlight search (on home screen swipe down ) A restart will help with this by pressing the the home button then slide power off then turn on again or reboot by pressing both home and power button. If it's the widget on iOS ,you can swipe from top down then on the "Today" screen scroll down until you see "edit" device should be unlocked) then click the plus button to add a widget and move them to your liking by holding and dragging the right side (3 lines)
  12. I think the same format would be good or a choice even better. PDFs are my preferred for documents.
  13. If you are using an Android device or Apple device,you can download the Evernote app for free directly from Google Play store for Android and Apple App Store for Idevices.
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