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Duplicated items in quick search panel

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I added a new Saved Search to my shortcuts menu on my Desktop version of Evernote. When I opened up the Android client and sync, the expected Save Searches show up but in addition too those are entries for "SavedSearch".

If I delete one the SavedSearch entries it takes one of the legitimate saved search entries with it, like they are related. The SavedSearch, when I click it, does a search but not on any of the criteria of the saved searches.



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I have discovered the same problem today. 

I have noted that a tag in the shortcuts does not duplicate in the same way.  I'm running EN on a windows 8.1, EN 5.7 on Samsung note 10.1 Android version 4.1.2, and EN 5.7 on a Samsung galaxy S3  Android 4.3.

All seem to do the same.

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I also see the same bug.  Here is a simple example:


1. On Windows client search for "updated:day-7"

2. Click "Save Search"

3. Name "Recent" and click "OK"

4. Drag "Recent" saved search to the "Shortcuts"

5. Click "Sync"

6. Open Android client

7. Click "Sync"

8. Open "Shortcuts" sidebar


Results: Two new rows added to shortcuts: "SavedSearch" and "Recent"


If I try to delete the "SavedSearch" row, it also deletes the "Recent" row.

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