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  1. Also reported here with no response: %5BBug%5D Duplicated items in quick search panel
  2. Same experience on MacOsx: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/49828-bug-again-unable-to-save-document-problem/
  3. Same experience on Windows: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50351-not-able-to-edit-images-attached-to-notes/
  4. The duplicated items are related to the custom searches and the Trash. (Evernote 5.7 on Android 2.3)
  5. Still similar problem here, Android 2.3 (evernote 5.7) and OSX 10.9 (evernote 5.4.4) Images are saved without extension... this is a bug. @Bushwhacker: Thanks for the trick Image annotation is possible only after renaming with png extension.
  6. I installed the new evernote app and the new evernote widget but I can't get a widget showing the new list view. When I put the widget on my dashboard, I only see the note thumbnails as always. Is there an option to set to activate the list view?
  7. I'm just reporting a bug: Premium user on Evernote 5.1.3 (401263), Mountain Lion Click on a tag containing other tags in the sidebar The application crashNot essential...
  8. Hello, I would like to subscribe to a premium account for 1 month to try it. Today, we are the 24. If I subscribe today, will my premium account valid for one complete month (30 days) or just the end of this month (4 days) ? So, should I wait 4 days to subscribe to a premium account to enjoy a complete month of use ?
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