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  1. I find it useful from time to time to see the Search Results from Evernote surfaced when I do a google search on the Google Page, BUT what if I had clipped a web page and when I visited that page again the webclipper would have a number badge or something indicating that I have notes in my DB related to the page I am viewing and provide links to them, much like the Google Search does.
  2. I do have a bug on my Android Evernote on my Chromebook. When I click on a Saved Search, it filters the list as it should. When I click on any one of those notes, the context is lost and the filtered list is now All Notes. I had this issue on the Beta as well.
  3. I added a new Saved Search to my shortcuts menu on my Desktop version of Evernote. When I opened up the Android client and sync, the expected Save Searches show up but in addition too those are entries for "SavedSearch". If I delete one the SavedSearch entries it takes one of the legitimate saved search entries with it, like they are related. The SavedSearch, when I click it, does a search but not on any of the criteria of the saved searches.
  4. One thing I would like to see: The ~ when used starts the clipper like it does now and then the panel slides closed. I would like, If I hit it again, to have it slide the panel back open, like a toggle to display it. I personally do not like having to grab the mouse and click the little tab to reopen the panel for tools, etc.
  5. Mods, feel free to delete this thread. I see that it is in the wrong group anyways.
  6. Actually, I think I solved my problem. Looks like using my SwiftKey keyboard was the problem. The Google Standard works as expected as well as the Samsung Keyboard.
  7. If I create a task check box and type something and press return to go to the next line, another checkbox does not appear. Nor can I hit the checkbox on the icon to create a new one...it turns off the previous one. This happens on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S4 after the update today.
  8. I'm confused. Is Skitch for windows not coming to Win 7 and maybe XP? Only Win 8?
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