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  1. I have that problem to on an Android 4.2.2 as well on a 4.3 device. I tried deleting evernote app and its data and started a fresh sync but the behaviour is still there.
  2. Hi, on windows there is a that genius but simple feature that if you don't set a title the first line is used. This is such a time saver. This is a feature I desperately miss on android and often is a hindrance while captureing input. If I create a note to self e.g. via google now it creates a note with the transcribed text in the body. And the title is empty or filled with at least for me not usefull information. Same aplies if I use the evernote integrated transcribe function. So here is my request. Please use the first note line as title/subject and/or add an option to configure this. Regards Manuel
  3. Hi, how to search for all reminders that are due today, including the overdue ones. I tried different saved searches according to http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php reminderTime:day Shows all reminders from today and the future -reminderTime:day shows all remindes excluding today, excluding future, including reminders without date -reminderTime:day+1 shows something that does not make sense at all. reminderTime:day+1 shows today and random futore notes but does not make sense and is missing lots of notes. Is this a gerneal bug with relative dates in the windows client Hope some one can help me Regards Manuel
  4. Hello, the old widget that showed three note snippets always was labeled with the selected tag or the name of the saved search. The new list view widget does not have a label. I use the list view widget four times on my phone with four different saved searches and it would be helpfull if there would be a label so it is easier to distinguish what list I'm looking at. Regards Manuel
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