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  1. Hi, on windows there is a that genius but simple feature that if you don't set a title the first line is used. This is such a time saver. This is a feature I desperately miss on android and often is a hindrance while captureing input. If I create a note to self e.g. via google now it creates a note with the transcribed text in the body. And the title is empty or filled with at least for me not usefull information. Same aplies if I use the evernote integrated transcribe function. So here is my request. Please use the first note line as title/subject and/or add an option to configure this. Regards Manuel
  2. Hi, how to search for all reminders that are due today, including the overdue ones. I tried different saved searches according to http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php reminderTime:day Shows all reminders from today and the future -reminderTime:day shows all remindes excluding today, excluding future, including reminders without date -reminderTime:day+1 shows something that does not make sense at all. reminderTime:day+1 shows today and random futore notes but does not make sense and is missing lots of notes. Is this a gerneal bug with relative dates in the windows client Hope some one can help me Regards Manuel
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