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  1. I suggest that everybody to whom this matters opens a ticket. Please insist on a statement from the windows product manager, maybe we can get the attention of someone higher in the food chain.
  2. Hi again, I now have a response that sheds light on the situation:
  3. @Dave-in-Decatur yes the options are somewhat weird. If they are intended for the IE plugin this would at least explain why things are the way they are I'm in contact with the evernote support regarding the issue
  4. please re-read what I posted. I accidentally posted the wrong link.
  5. upps wrong link https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314738-Evernote-Web-Clipper-options
  6. I just realized that the clipping options are only related to the web clipper for thee vernote IE7+ plugin - took ten messages back and forth because I didn't believe it until I found this EDIT wrong link https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314738-Evernote-Web-Clipper-options *facepalm* Evernote should rename the option to "Web clipper options" or even remove them from the desktop client and place the options in the plugin as they did with every other browser plugin (consistency) BTW: Even if I close evernote and then hit the shortcut, the note is placed in the notebook where I left when closing. EDIT wrong link
  7. Okay, can somebody explain to me what the options in the screenshot are really for? If you select a notebook there, I'd expect that everything will go to this notebook, no matter what. Especially when using shortcuts and the tray icon.
  8. This behavior is configurable in the options. But evernote has a bug, which leads to always using the selected notebook for new notes. Meaning: Evernote puts new notes into the currently clicked notebook in the desktop software (and it doesn't matter if the desktop app is in front, minimized or whatever). It only uses the default when you have no notebook selected, which only is the case when you look at all notes.
  9. Quote: On the occasions that I'm working in aspecific notebook, I'll usually want my new notes to go there anyway I always capture to my default notebook in the first step. In the second step I process them (delete *****, decide where they go etc.)
  10. Quote: I've been trying (and failing) to surprise Evernote into giving me a note in thewrong notebook for a while. I often work with specific notebooks which leads constantly to notes that are misplaced. I seldom use the all notes view.
  11. this is freaking me out - this was working a few months ago and was re-introduced. There are two settings in the options/preferences dialog -> clipping: [ ] Clip to current otebook or default notebook [ ] "Clip to selected notebook" but effectively the behavior is always like setting no. 1, no matter what you really checked. Edit: I opened a ticket (#1822228)
  12. I have the same issue. When I check the items in the webapp, everything looks fine.
  13. I have that problem to on an Android 4.2.2 as well on a 4.3 device. I tried deleting evernote app and its data and started a fresh sync but the behaviour is still there.
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