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  1. Tag Inheritance would be great. Notebooks, stacks, tags, carefully written titles, searching, and shortcuts provide good mechanisms for finding groups of notes. However, I do miss true hierarchies that are available in other tools (those other tools obviously have other shortcomings or I wouldn't be using EN). On the rant topic, I tend to agree the EN threads regarding tag inheritance, sub-notebooks, shared stacks, etc often get ugly. The tone of the threads make it seem more of a ideological/religious issue than a technical issue (especially the early threads from several years ago). Despite the fact that I wish EN would support true hierarchies, I make the best of what EN provides. It is a great product. I often introduce others to EN. I support it by being a premium user. But, I'll keep hoping they add support for hierarchies.
  2. I also see the same bug. Here is a simple example: 1. On Windows client search for "updated:day-7" 2. Click "Save Search" 3. Name "Recent" and click "OK" 4. Drag "Recent" saved search to the "Shortcuts" 5. Click "Sync" 6. Open Android client 7. Click "Sync" 8. Open "Shortcuts" sidebar Results: Two new rows added to shortcuts: "SavedSearch" and "Recent" If I try to delete the "SavedSearch" row, it also deletes the "Recent" row.
  3. Every time I upgrade EN (most recently to 5.x), the first thing I look for is an easier way to search search sub-tags. I would love to see the suggestion from earlier in the thread: "a simple context menu to ... select all sub-tags". It is crazy how many people (and threads) have asked for this type functionality for years. Evernote even supports the search (any of subtag1, subtag2, subtag3). It is just difficult to enter the search.
  4. This would be great. SwipePad doesn't really support widgets, but it does support shortcuts.
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