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Is there a way to do a search for links?

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I want to have a saved search showing any notes with links (in the post). I've tried searching for http but that only works if I actually just pasted the link. I can't seem to find anything in the search terms grammar thing.


Any ideas?

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To search for external incoming links,  just check to see if a note is shared.  If it isn't,  there are no links;  if it is,  search for the URL in Google - not accurate or useful,  but as close as you can get.


I don't think there's any way to search for internal links,  inbound or outbound.


If it's important to keep tabs on either,  you may have to resort to tagging for the moment at least..

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Additionally, I'd like to have a way to find all the notes which link to the current note.

As Gaz mentioned, you could use a tag to link multiple notes together. Very powerful solution.


Or if you have special one-time uses with several different sources of information and notes, you could use an unique search code.


For instance, we had a carpenter install a convection microwave oven in our kitchen cabinetry. I had Evernote notes for a variety of issues - oven comparison and pricing info, oven salesman business card, purchase paperwork, receipt, warranty, carpenter's contact info, schedule installation date, etc. To avoid creating a seldom used tag for all these varied notes, I used a short search code. example: Search Code 39DH62. After searching for this code, I see an entire time line of the activities involved with the oven installation.


Of course, there is no way I could remember the code, so I could create a master list of my search codes.


But for me, all I do is search for a word that might be inside any of these notes - Oven or carpenter or kitchen and I will find at least one of the notes. When I see the search code, it reminds me there are other notes that share the same code. So I search for the code and up pops all of the relevant notes.


The same system can be used when buying a car, or planning/going on a vacation, or Evernote Due-Date promises, etc. Anything that involves a variety of activities / information sources and doesn't warrant a new tag.

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