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  1. So I started using Penultimate. It's great, but there's just one problem. When I go see the notes in Evernote (and Save As...) the resolution is really low. Zoomed in letters are pixelated. I thought maybe that was just the resolution and maybe my eyes were tricking me on my iPad, but I exported the note to the camera roll and it was a million times clearer. I assumed this is because my iPad has a retina display, but this makes no sense. If Evernote stores the pages in a low (non-retina) resolution they should also be pixelized when I zoom in on my iPad (I checked, they aren't). And if they store them in high resolution, why are they low resolution on my account (Web and PC). It's like EN exports a lower resolution size to your account (possible to save space), but why aren't the high resolutions available too. Or does EN not back those up, and they're just on the iPad? Or...are the strokes vectors or something? The workaround is exporting each note to the camera roll (PDF exports low resolution too), but I shouldn't have to. It's a dozen extra steps instead of a simple sync then saving the notes I want.. I was thinking of contacting support, but I thought this was more of a problem for the forums since I don't think it's a bug/error.
  2. That doesn't actually reduce the size of the picture, it just appears to shrink it. The pictures are still the same size. I've tried the tag method but I end up making up too many catergories and the just leaving notes in a giant pile and doesn't work for me. I'm a bit OCD about organizing, if there's a notebook/tag i must have mental rules about what goes into it. For example, I keep a lot of artistic references and tutorials. Right now I have them divided into categories (anatomy, environments, etc) with a note assigned to each. Say I were to leave each individual picture in it's own seperate note as I clipped it (insteda of combining them). I'd have to tag each, find out how to describe it. If I was looking for x picture I'd have to click through each note (I don't like the thumbnail view as it takes up too much space). Then the tags would be a mess. Imagine: Anatomy human hands feet etc and so on... There's too many possibilities. Using tags instead of notebooks leads me to branch them out like crazy. But my way, which sort of works for me, doesn't go well with evernote because each note has a limit. I don't mind shrinking the images (I can easily search for a larger size on google) but there's no easy way to do this. One option I thought would be to store them in a local notebook but the notes their still have a limit. I was looking up organizational methods and that's were I found GTD but as you say, it's more task oriented. I haven't found much else though. So either I need a way to bypass this or some sort of simple organization method that helps me put things into categories.
  3. I love Evernote but I've come across a problem or two. I'm trying to limit the amount of services/places I store information, and evernote is great for that. I've put more and more stuff into it, except it's very hard to figure out how to categorize things so that I can find them easily. Some people keep evernote just for cooking and taxes, I'm a creative person so my categories are more varied and less strict. For example my big main catergories are art, projects, school, personal, blogging, food, code, music, research, and work. Some of them overlap (like art/projects/work). Tags don't really seem to help. I can never seem to decide WHERE to put stuff. I've heard about GTD and organizing systems like that but none seem suited to me. Does anybody have any tips? My other big problem is images. I have a lot of images and there isn't an easy way to resize them so I tend to use up my monthly limit, which wouldn't be much of a problem as I just spread it out through the month, except I exceed the note limit. Making a note for each image would make things even worse and harder to find. I've tried a few third party resizing programs but none save the images correctly. Only photoshop does, but that's a chore. Are there any faster ones? Or does anyone have a different solution? The markup with skitch was great (though they've taken it out in the last version) but the resize option wasn't there. I've thought about just linking to local folders... but then things wouldn't be synced. Another solution I was considering was saving the images on google drive and syncing to those. I'd link the original images but the links often break. I just hope maybe hearing some ways others keep their stuff organized will help me.
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