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Multishot camera saves pictures in random order

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First, sorry for my English.

I don't know if this is a problem of my phone or a EN's problem (EN for Android version 5.6.1):


when I take multi-shot pictures with EN Camera OR EN Page Camera, they are shown in the correct order in the preview, but saved in random order in the note itself.

Anybody else?


Cheers.  G

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I had a similar problem in that my snaps were coming up in reverse order - last first.  It's a known issue,  but it can't hurt to raise a support ticket (see below..) so the team know how many are affected.  Don't expect much of a response for a while though - business days are a bit far between in the next couple of weeks..

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Here is the response to my ticket on this subject 101953 opened in August of 2013.  I guess we will have to start using the year in our notes....


Hello evernote_frey,


Thanks for reaching out to Evernote support. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I am so sorry you have had to write back in regarding this.


The photos being out of order is actually by design. A note in Evernote will order the photos based on their file size, not the order in which they were taken or loaded. There is no way to currently change this.


As you know, they were entered before as bugs, but are now seen as requests. We have been told by developers this is by design.


I am sorry you have waited so long to find this out.




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Wow.  Pics ordered by file size rather than file date.  Don't think the devs thought that one through very far.  


Hopefully it will occur to someone that if you take a series of snaps of a booklet it would be nice to see the pages come up in the right order?

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