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  1. When I go to https://evernote.com/download I can see the links to the iStore and Google Store only. Nothing else. But your second link (click here) worked for me. Many thanks. Nevertheless Evernotes download page is somehow peculiar.
  2. Hi, I use Evernote on Linux and want to install the Windows desktop Client with wine. But I'm not able to find a download link for the Windows client. I only get the Page to download either the iOS or Android App.. Can anyone help me with that?
  3. If that's true and if there are plans to introduce that in the Android App I would be very happy Evernote user!
  4. I fully second that. The option to have nested tags is essential for my workflow.
  5. @jefito I see your point. And I would agree if Evernote donates 50% of my $45/year to the Nevernote project. Because Nevernote is doing the work for them and hence they should get part of the money. But I assume Evernote will never do that.
  6. I now that I can use the website, but as I wrote in my previous post I'm looking for a Linux client. I hope we'll get a Linux client in the future and once it's available I'll upgrade my account.
  7. Hi! I´m a new user of Evernote and I really like it. Unfortunately I just recognised that there is no Linux Client available. It's ok for me so far. Once you support linux I will immediatly subscribe a Premium Account. Cheers
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