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(Archived) Evernote for Windows 5.1.0 RC


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We're hoping to get feedback on all the markup components...



Are the 5.1.0 markup components available to review, prior to installation?



[edit] and the general updates / changes

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- Markup button works now. It still flickers as I move my mouse over it.

EDIT: There is also a flickering at the top/bottom of the note as I move my mouse over the image.

- There are now Apply and discard buttons :)

- It was mentioned in another thread, but resizing is missing from the features. Before it used to be grouped with Crop.

- Has the tool selection time been tweaked? It feels like it doesn't switch back to the default menu as quick as it did before.

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Markup doesn't seem ready to me.

  1. Clicking Markup often blinks and appears to not do anything.  If I look down, I see a new evernote window has spawned in the taskbar.
    • Clicking it brings the Markup window foreground.  
    • Exiting and re-opening Evernote seems to have fixed that again, insofaras the new markup window comes foreground as expected. (not sure for how long)
  2. Cropping isn't working for me.
    • I enter markup on an existing image
    • Crop the image
    • Click Apply
    • The image is cropped
    • Click Done and I'm returned to the Evernote window with the image still full sized.
  3. It's not just cropping.  I keep creating new notes and pasting in test images and marking them up with all kinds of mixed results.
    • Some of my markup will be saved, others won't (by saved I mean be visible in the note after I've closed the markup window) even though the indicators up by the apply button say "Saving... Saved".
    • I'll apply an arrow, a box, an underline, etc and some random number of them will apply but others just don't show up after closing.
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Also I would strongly suggest not releasing 5.1 until the search bug is fixed:



You have a camp still riled by lost shortcuts in the toolbar and sidebar, who won't easily shift to the similar but new methods provided in the Tag and Notebook views, and the suggest search items in the search field, and Tag Filter area.


It's very difficult to placate them with the new ways of doing the things they used to do, when some of the new/replacement ways are broken.

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We have a release candidate for 5.1.0 that has another handful of bugfixes. We're hoping to get feedback on all the markup components as we quash the final bugs.

DLU, as much as I miss it, thanks for holding back the markup in the release for now...

I'm hoping the search suggestions issues are still on the pending bugfix list? still has the issue where:


When the search field is set to "search current context", and I type my searches manually the search field correctly concatenates the search options, indicating the notebook, the tag selection, in the search field as you build and refine the search.




Yet when the search suggestions presents tags, if you click on a tag:

  • It ignores the "search current context" and switches to "all notes"
  • It does add the tag as a search criteria
  • however it also leaves the text you entered to get to the suggested tag, as a search criteria.
    • So it's searching for all notes with the tag you selected, containing text of how ever many characters of the tag you typed before selecting the tag from the search selection.
In this case 2- was typed to produce the suggested tag in the search list of 2- Next

So it changed from my selected notebook of "Completed" to All Notes, added the tag filter, and then left "2" as a content search.

If you ignore the potentially helpful search suggestions and just keep typing your own search, everything concatenates perfectly (above).




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Yay, thanks Evernote.  upgrade in progress...



Evernote for Windows RC Release Notes

  • Fixes:
    • While searching "Current Context" clearing a search no longer sends you to All Notes
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Erg.  But no improvement in my report above.


Clicking on any suggested tag in "Current Context" still takes you to All Notes, as well as orphaning your text input into a content search.

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