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Evernote to WordPress?

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We use Evernote for our business and it's a great tool to be able to share ideas and notes from meetings, etc. So we decided to also use this as our tool to write our new "User Guides" for our next release of our software. The reason we went with Evernote is because these User Guides are going to be changing constantly as the software evolves and we wanted a place to make a quick change and then update "everything" else. This "everything" right now is our WordPress website. I am currently in the process of testing Postach.io, but I'm not sure how this incorporates with WordPress. I have it synced with Evernote and it's going back to the Postach.io site that was created, but I need this content on my WordPress website.


Is Postach.io the best and easiest way to get our User Guides from Evernote onto our WordPress site? Or should I be looking at some different solutions for this?

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Unless you get someone to use Evernote's API to hook up automatic information transfer I'm not sure what you're expecting here.  Surely you need to complete an appraisal of the requirements to publish this data - how many users,  what security,  the degree of interaction required - and choose the best output channel.  Then you have to look at the source of the information and find a way to move it across.  


Although you're working internally in Evernote,  there's no obvious way to automagically translate updates into the best channel for your output.  You may be better off using a commercial CRM tool and creating a process to pass approved changes on to be updated.


Evernote is a great information hammer,  but not every problem is a nail.


From the sound of it you could consider talking to Postach.io to see if they have any suggestions - but also take look at Wikis and all the other commercial tools software sites use to publish their user guides.

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Wordpress lets you post by email so you could set up something in IFTT that takes notes and then posts them to your Wordpress blog. One word of caution, Evernote doesn't support styles like Heading 1, Heading 2 etc, so you should manually set your headings on the post once it is on Wordpress so that it works better for search engine optimization.

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I am actually trying to do a similar thing. Mine is a little more silly than yours but still I am trying to post a whole bunch of notes as posts on my blog.


IFTTT does not appear to have a recipe that will do what we need. All of the recipes that I could find only post the long, ugly URL for the shared note; not the shared note itself.


Emailing the note in works well but that can get a little laborious with a lot of notes since you have to email them one at a time.  WordPress no longer supports email through the codex but you can email by enabling JetPack. (I am talking self-hosted WordPress here. If a user has a blog on WordPress.com then emailing is part of the package.


Jetpack Post by Mail has instructions on how to automate the categories and tags.


I did try out Postach.io but it does not suit my needs. I want to blog on my own website, not on someone else's so I use self-hosted WordPress.

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Hi Everyone,


I had exactly the same needs. Fortunately, I'm also a developer so started to develop a Wordpress plugin that lets you post to it via Evernote. Think postach.io for Wordpress. 


I'm currently in the process of launching this as a premium plugin and am looking to actively develop it. Please have a look at Everlicious.com and let me know if this is what you are looking for. If there are features missing or questions that you have I am more than happy to help.




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The answer can be made by Zapier.com


I already my recipe on this site to backup my new Evernote's note into Wordpress.com.


The name of recipe is "New note in EVERNOTE to Wordpress.com"


And more, to backup into Blogger.com, you can use another recipe as well.

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