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  1. Right oh! And most of them say "Not Available". Check it out! I want them to make those shortcuts available again. I am a power user and have been using Evernote since 2008.
  2. I am starting this as a separate thread because it is pertinent to ALL of the shortcuts which no longer work on the Mac Version. One of the big beauties of Evernote was being able to be a power user by using keyboard shortcuts. We NEED them. This is NOT a small problem. Personally, I used the date, time, and also the new note shortcuts multiple times a day also the task list and many others. PLEASE bring them back extremely soon!
  3. I love that feature and use it a lot. Just goes to show you how we use Evernote differently. That said, I still miss the back arrow and hope you are able to bring it back. Equally, I have noticed that Evernote isn’t the only app that disappeared the back button so I have to wonder if that change is something iOS 11 is causing apps to do.
  4. I think I found something in preferences (on Mac) to make it so it does NOT start where it left off which would work for the issue you are describing. There may also be a setting for not showing the new note. I know it is now not quite as obnoxious as it used to be so I must have found something. I also now use Spark Mail; not Postbox. The link the other guy posted was of no help at all and did not even address what I was writing about. I was surprised because that guy is usually better than that.
  5. Rats! It is set that way. Maybe I clipped these from when I was using the Windows app (which we can now no longer download at work) or the web app (which I am now forced to use at work) or sent if from another app. I will have to watch. Thank you for your reply! I had not been able to find it and did not think to look in the clipping section (or thought I had looked). It is odd that option is in clipping since it really is a VIEW option as that most of us put info into Evernote from so many sources.
  6. I must be missing something! At least I hope I am! I can no longer find where to set it so Evernote on the Mac shows attachments inline by default. Some of my notes show them that way but a lot of others show them as an icon. This is happening most notably on pdfs and images. I am a Premium or whatever it is called nowadays subscriber so this should work.
  7. Thank you Onat! I do not have much need for this at the moment. (I actually started using other apps for the purpose since it was not possible in Evernote.) But I will check out your web app when I get a chance.
  8. Thank you! That is a great idea to use a bit.ly link! I hadn't thought of that.
  9. Thank you. I read through the posts at the links you gave. Interesting that everyone who was chiming in was looking for Google et al TO index instead of to NOT be indexed. I also noticed that the posts are from 2011 and 2012. Have you done any recent testing? I will keep an eye on the notebook I am sharing and test it every once in a while. I can just pull the notebook if I find that it is being indexed. Thanks again.
  10. Title says it all! When I change a notebook from Private to Public - does that mean the Notebook is made available to search engines? I want to share a notebook with class members but some of the material is special things our professor has shared with us. Am I exposing her information to being indexed by Google or other search engines?
  11. I may be wrong but am pretty sure that sharing of a notebook is not available on the free version. You can share notes but not a notebook. (But maybe that has changed. I could not tell from the Plan comparison.)
  12. I am in a course at a university and would like to share a notebook with just my classmates. I cannot see how to do that in a safe manner. I do not want it findable by outside people: How safe is a public link? Are public notebooks findable by people who do not have the specific link to the notebooks. I do NOT want to make people join Evernote. I want classmates to be able to view it just on the web without having to be logged in. That appears to work fine with the "public" link. I invited my pen name to join the notebook to test it out. NOT going to use that method!! (Evernote sent an email that had NO link to the notebook. Only a "Reply in Evernote" which opened WorkChat on the web. (I HATE WorkChat! Largely because Evernote has tried to force it on us!) Thanks for any clarity you can provide!
  13. @onatbas That would be great if you would do that. Jackolicious suggested that on page 1 of this thread but I did not/do not have the skill to create such a thing. Thank you. Ps. It appears that Jackolicious (who was the SVP in charge of the Mac version of Evernote) has moved on to Butter.ai - looks like it could be an interesting endeavor.
  14. Isn't there some developer out there that can follow these directions and make an Evernote add on with a read-only template? https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/read_only_notes.php
  15. Pat, I can see that the "Modified Date" changes every time a note is used. But the Creation Date should remain the same. Are you having trouble with that getting corrupted? BTW, if anyone read/remembers my earlier posts regarding the song book use . . . I did flee Evernote for that use. Two good digital songbooks are OnSong (which is only an iOS app but does have a Console that can be used on Windows or Mac) and Songbook by LinkeSOFT. Both have their pros and cons but I think OnSong is a little better than Songbook.
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