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  1. Hi Wordsgood, Happy to try and explain. If you've got a WordPress blog then Postach.io is not what you're looking for because they host the blogs themselves and has nothing to do with WordPress at all. If what you're wanting is just a simple blog and you don't wan't all the customisation and additions that comes with WordPress then Postach.io might be for you. If you do wan't to use WordPress you have a couple of choices Email your Evernote notes to your special WordPress email address that you can setup in the WordPress dashboard (although you will need a separate email account for this). My plugin might be able to help you. It uses the Evernote API to convert notes into WordPress posts or pages. See my official announcement of the plugin here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53149-sentinote-an-evernote-plugin-for-wordpress/ Good luck, Rheinard And now there is Sentinote.
  2. Hi Everyone, I had exactly the same needs. Fortunately, I'm also a developer so started to develop a Wordpress plugin that lets you post to it via Evernote. Think postach.io for Wordpress. I'm currently in the process of launching this as a premium plugin and am looking to actively develop it. Please have a look at Everlicious.com and let me know if this is what you are looking for. If there are features missing or questions that you have I am more than happy to help. Thanks, Rheinard
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