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  1. This is a known issue. You will especially find this when using the Mac client as it changes a lot of things in to special characters. Some of these break the note import. If you'd still like to create an m-dash or an n-dash, you can use 3 dashes (converted to m-dash on import) or 2 dashes (converter to n-dash on import). Unfortunately I haven't got to fixing this bug yet. Cheers, Rheinard
  2. Hi, Technically, you can. I made Sentinote to be extensible so that parts of it can be hooked into using actions and filters. That said, Evernote has the restriction of only searching one notebook at a time. This restriction means that I I was to implement a feature to use multiple notebooks, then it will be costly and will chew a lot of resources. Not ideal. Depending on what you are trying to do, here are a few options. Scenario 1: Using ALL your notebooks (Only notes tagged with 'published' will sync). This will override the default notebook specified in Sentinote options and will s
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a big announcement to make today. This week I've been employed by the great Incsub, the people behind Edublogs and WMPU DEV (the largest premium WordPress site on the web). This means that I am now required to work on other fantastic WordPress plugins and can no longer be the only dev working on Sentinote. As a result of some hard thinking, hard negotiating and some hard reflecting, I have decided to release Sentinote to the public, for FREE. To see the full announcement you can read it over on the Sentinote blog. If you are a WordPress developer and Evernote users
  4. Hi Uwe, Thanks for your kind words. Its always great when someone reaches out and lets me know that they find this plugin a help. To answer your question about future development, I will point you to a blog post I did a little while ago which highlights the roadmap I see forward for the plugin: http://sentinote.com/2014/02/sentinote-1-2-is-coming/ At this stage I don't have any set timeline for these developments and recently I am also holding back adding any new features just yet. Will hopefully have more news soon. Thanks again, Rheinard
  5. Development Update: I'm currently working on Sentinote 1.2. There are a number of things I am putting into this version, most notably more filters and action hooks (for every single function). As promised, also see a brief roadmap of where the development is heading in the full post: http://rko.mx/MI0vwn
  6. Thanks Wordsgood! Eddie_, I do appreciate the comments and I totally understand your points. I'm not interested in a verbal sparring over $35, nor any of the technical reasonings. My interest is in providing a plugin that people want to use... a plugin I want to use. I would like to add one comment regarding the ongoing development, however. Yes, it is a simple plugin. From a simple perspective all it is doing is pulling data from Evernote. Once the data hits WordPress it gets processed depending on note content and tags. Straight forward. What makes it possible for ongoing development is
  7. I would like to thank Nexcess.net for their amazing write up of Sentinote: http://rko.mx/1nOXOVd Very much appreciated guys!
  8. Hey guys, I do understand your concern with the cost. If I may I'd like to explain my decision. I originally wanted to price it higher, but looking at the comments Postach.io received from their community. Its unlikely that anyone will pay more than an Evernote Premium subscription. I respect that. We're building on an amazing platform. Here is why I am asking for a recurring fee: * Number 1 reason I'm a solo startup and would love to actively develop this plugin. * WordPress is GPL In other words open source (which doesn't mean free). What it does mean is that by buying the plugin its
  9. Apologies for the late reply. For some reason my forum notification wasn't turned on. Should be a bit more responsive now. Sentinote does have category support built in. To add a post to a category you tag it with the category in square brackets... e.g. [My Category] I've also just released version 1.1.4 which now also supports Evernote's Note Link feature to create links between pages and posts. In addition to that I've added a WordPress shortcode, [note-content] that will embed the content of a note into another note. I use this quite extensibly for creating notes that contain a lay
  10. Hi Wordsgood, Happy to try and explain. If you've got a WordPress blog then Postach.io is not what you're looking for because they host the blogs themselves and has nothing to do with WordPress at all. If what you're wanting is just a simple blog and you don't wan't all the customisation and additions that comes with WordPress then Postach.io might be for you. If you do wan't to use WordPress you have a couple of choices Email your Evernote notes to your special WordPress email address that you can setup in the WordPress dashboard (although you will need a separate email account for
  11. Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce Sentinote (http://sentinote.com) + an offer. Sentinote is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to manage your WordPress site/blog using notes in Evernote. Focus on your content, not on how you're going to publish it on your website. Sentinote uses the Evernote-API to search for and retrieve notes by Notebook and tag and then convert these notes into WordPress Posts or Pages (depending on the note tags). Like some of the other hosted solutions out there the 'published' tag is the minimum required to get you started. Markdown is one of my
  12. Neat idea! Don't have an immediate use for it, but will keep my eye on the development.
  13. Hi Everyone, I had exactly the same needs. Fortunately, I'm also a developer so started to develop a Wordpress plugin that lets you post to it via Evernote. Think postach.io for Wordpress. I'm currently in the process of launching this as a premium plugin and am looking to actively develop it. Please have a look at Everlicious.com and let me know if this is what you are looking for. If there are features missing or questions that you have I am more than happy to help. Thanks, Rheinard
  14. I'll keep this request very brief… I'm a teacher who share a lot of notes with my students (and slowly getting other teachers to do the same). The problem with sharing the notes via a Shared URL is that the landing page is pretty much Evernote. Seeing though that we are paying for Business accounts, surely co-branding wouldn't be completely out of the question? The idea: The same wonderful live note, but instead of the green Evernote branding, the colours can be customised with a fixed location for a small Business logo. The Evernote branding can stay, but perhaps in a less prominent
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