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(Archived) Evernote Chrome plugin - can't capture body text of emails in Gmail


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Since the update to the Chrome plugin, I can't figure out a way to capture the body of emails in gmail. If the email is open, or if the email is open and I have manually selected the text, the plugin only captures the subject and some info about sender and receiver, but not the actual content of the email. 


There is no option to save the selection.  If I use the rt click on the mouse instead of the plugin icon, there is still no option to make a selection and save it. 


Does anyone know how to capture the actual content now?



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Same problem here - have been too busy to uninstall and reinstall,  which is a default fix for everything,  so current workaround is to use Clearly which 'sees' the email content - not as well as the specialised clipper did,  but enough to get by for now.  If you find a fix please let me know!  I'll report back if reinstalling it works out..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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