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(Archived) Evernote for Android v5.4 - feedback


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Hi All, 


Since this release was mainly about "Evernote Market" and this shipped across all our client, I actually didn't announce it on the forum. 

That's now fixed with this thread. Please share here any feedback you may have about our 5.4.x releases. 


In our 5.4.2 fix, we mainly polished up a bit Market. 

We moved it to the bottom of the list and grouped it with Premium and Explore Evernote so it doesn't get in your way when navigating. 

We also added an option to show/hide some optional navigation option to make this list a bit less busy. 


Thank you!


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Thanks for the post - I have 5.4.1 and wasn't prompted to upgrade.  In settings there's no option to check for updates - when I went to Play to check the version on offer I was advised of the upgrade which is downloading now.

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Great! Now it is much more convenient.

Btw, is there any way to make a scrolling of long notes more smooth and responsive? I experience a substantial lag when I scroll even simple but long text notes with no pictures inside. The same html scrolled in web browser works much faster and with no lag. Note list view scroll works just fine even with thumbnails. I noticed this in all versions 5.x. Not sure if anyone has similar observation.

I use HTC ONE X + with Android 4.2.2.

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It seems to me that this latest version 5.4.2 works  faster and smoother here in my tablete Asus TF101 with Android 4.3. 


But there's a thing in the UI that I've been complain since 5.2. When opening a note, the "more-notes cards column" has cut off part of these cards. Look: 


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The Evernote Market is such a distraction and irritates me big time.  Although i can agree stylus and Post ITs, Why would i be interested in buying bags and wallets as an Evernote user? As a premium user, It will be great if the ability to customize workspace like the IOS client is given, so that i can chuck it out.
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Not sure if this is specifically related to version 5.4 or whether this has been around longer. Did a search and couldn't come up with anything. 

Using Evernote for the new Nexus 7, I have numerous hyperlinks in notes. When I click on hyperlinks, it may lead me from one note to the next to the next, etc. etc. If I want to go back to the home screen, I have to click on the little "x" at the left top hand corner a number of times (equal to the number of times I've clicked on a hyperlink). Same goes for the back button on stock android.


Is this is a feature? Since viewing a note takes up the whole screen estate (as opposed to iOS, where you can still scroll the note list while looking at your notes) I cannot click on the Evernote icon either to return to the homescreen. 


I don't mind having multiple notes open at once (which seems to be the case), but I can't find a way to close them all at once (although I prefer how iOS deals with it). 


Any ideas or am I missing something?


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Hello world,


I have got a little feedback for you and I think this topic fits most ...



I am using Evernote on my Android phone (version 5.4.2) and the widget 3.1.1. Since this version every new created reminder from the widget (I use the 4x1 widget) sets an alert automatically the next morning at eight o'clock ...


Imagine creating 10 reminders over the day and being woken up on a sunday morning at eight by your phone that fires 10 alerts ... Yep, happend today, about three hours ago ;-)


Is the a chance to switch that off because I would like to decide on my own if I want an alert or not.


Greetings from Germany


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Evernote team - just to make you aware, selecting the Evernote settings within the Google Settings screen on KitKit 4.4 (Nexus 5) results in a crash every time.


The app works fine otherwise, but the only way to turn off auto-sync is within the Evernote app settings itself, not in the Google sync settings.



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@Rfpc, thanks for reporting, this sounds like a bug. 

@deffnull, thanks, that's indeed not really what we intended. We'll see what we can do. 

@markyp, we will start testing on kitkat, thanks for the heads up

@indrex, the experience for edit vs view changes depending on the app providing the service. It may not make sense on quickoffice indeed, but may on other apps. 

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