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  1. Handwriting is a great feature to add on Android version, but why not let it be annotated too? The windows version let's user annotate handwriting notes made on Android but not in Android itself Screenshot: annotate option on a handwriting note (in Windows)
  2. There are four major annoyances in the current version of Android app: 1. The scroll bar keeps conflicting with the shortcuts gesture, can't draw shortcuts menu without scrolling the notes every once in a while 2. The menu button sometimes disappears on both my Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 which have a physical menu button. Pressing menu button has no effect. Yes, I am aware of the relevant toggle in 'settings', it doesn't help 3. The new video camera will freeze up when in the lowest 8 minute resolution 4. The latest version fails to update reminders date from the scroll box thingy, though the dialer thingy works fine. Have raised a ticket for last two but got the usual 'logout and reinstall' response. Screenshots here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s41/sh/454dfa39-b270-4782-8156-83a5ad2f061f/67320fbbdb62865eceff3eb16c13fda0
  3. I raised the issue for Android devices. May be iOS works just fine.
  4. Flight mode: no issues Under WiFi/3G: no issues Under 2G: delay, especially if the connection is slow. Yup, notebook is offline. The same issue was with YouTube app on Android, even offline videos needed internet initially (it did keep the video offline though). They fixed it recently.
  5. For premium users, Android saves notebooks and makes them available offline. But it doesn't actually load truly offline. Notes still require internet to load, there is probably an exchange of just a few kb but internet connection is needed. If fight mode is turned on, notes load instantly, it is when the signal is weak that Evernote takes 20-30 seconds to load up an offline note.
  6. Android app has offline notebooks. But still internet is needed to load them.
  7. Markup is back, thanks! I can't find option to edit title of the screenshots on the markup window, have to save and then edit in Evernote main window. Is this is by design?
  8. About to be a month and no fix yet. Guys, how sure are you building up your life data on this platform? I have started hoping Google Keep catches up soon.
  9. There is an app called "webscrapper" which converts webpage into image. Save the image to evernote. Or, just use the above mentioned everclip app (i found it buggy)
  10. Hi, Evernote windows client fails to play videos (uploaded with mobile) The file extension is blank, and if I just rename with .mp4 appended, it works fine.
  11. I marked a tweet to Phil with a link to this thread, someone sort this out, please
  12. 10 days + and still no resolution. And Phil just wrote this blog post clarifying how he wants to clear up issues with the core products.
  13. Second this, reminder every time is not needed.
  14. Sounds useful, is Evernote that ambitious?
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