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  1. I have found an error in the older versions and reported it. If I insert a table with a specific with, this size is not interpreted correctly. The option to insert a table which is i. e. 300px wide is not available in the latest version any more. What kind of solution is that? Removing not-working features complete? Will it be fixed and come back? Or is this feature gone forever?
  2. @Peter: Thank you very much for your feedback. As the two others have stated before: A short hint would be extremly cool - even some standard copy&paste answer :-)
  3. Two pages before I mentioned an error concerning the tables. Any feedback on that? Is somebody able to reproduce that?
  4. I think I have found a bug. If you insert a table in EN for Windows and limit the table to a certain size, this size is not interpreted. To reproduce this: create a note insert a table and limit it to e.g. 3 x 3 AND limit it to 85% or some other fixes size (150 px) Hit OK The table is inserted but it is always expanded to the full width of the note and not limited! This is reproduceable since version and of course in the current 6.1.2 Any comments on that? Can that be reproduced? Sorry, but I did not find the time to post it earlier ...
  5. Hello world, there is a nasty litte feature in Evernote for Android ... If I add a quick reminder using the Evernote Widget, the reminder alert fires the next morning at 8 o'clock. Which is quiete disturbing on a sunday morning when you have created half a dozen reminders the day before. It would be better to have a reminder without any alert as a default. If you want an alert, you could manually add one. Anybody else having this litte "feature"? I am using a Samsung S4, german carrier, Android 4.3, Nova Launcher Prime, Evernote 5.8 Beta 4, Evernote Widget 3.1.1. Oh, this happenend before I became part of the Beta-Tester group. Greetings
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