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  1. I appreciate your comment, however, for the top 5 most requested features none has been delivered for the past few years. This brings me to the question - what is the use of this list? I know that you are probably not the person I should ask this question. We all click this arrow for the past few years and it doesn't change anything. Please treat my post just as the expression of helplessness...
  2. Too bad... I am also waiting for this feature - or, to be exact, reversing the feature that was introduced for unknown reason.
  3. This is how it works in Windows client - unfortunatelly for Android there is no such an option. I really wish it was - recent notebooks list taking up space is one of the items that annoys me big time.
  4. Great! Now it is much more convenient. Btw, is there any way to make a scrolling of long notes more smooth and responsive? I experience a substantial lag when I scroll even simple but long text notes with no pictures inside. The same html scrolled in web browser works much faster and with no lag. Note list view scroll works just fine even with thumbnails. I noticed this in all versions 5.x. Not sure if anyone has similar observation. I use HTC ONE X + with Android 4.2.2.
  5. After last update I noticed that long notes are not scrolled smoothly, but with noticible lag, esp. if contain photos. There is a noticible difference in resposiveness of note list view and note view when scrolled. Have anyone noticed similar effect?
  6. Fully agree that putting the market button on top is a bit too much, especially that, as a user outside of US, I got a message that it is unavailable in my country.
  7. I have similar problem with multishot camera - it hangs after taking the first picture (screenshot attached) and either I need to kill the app with app manager or, in case the phone fails to respond totally, reset the phone. Regular camera works ok. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23847892/Screenshot_2013-06-23-11-17-37.jpg I have HTC One X+ running Android 4.1.1.
  8. I confirm, flash issue and 'operation failed' issue are gone. However, I have an issue with doc scanner feature - for single page scan everything works fine, but if I want to scan more pages, after I press the shutter button for second page, the app freezes with 'busy' inducator and with message 'processing image 1/2' stays in that state forever - I have to manually kill the process in order to make the app work again. Have you guys tried to scan more than one page in a row? Does it work ok?
  9. The error with missing Polish fonts in notes and notebooks titles in list view (new font issue) from beta version has not been resolved and has been populated to the public version. I sent details of the problem to support for beta. Should I do the same for public version?
  10. I found one bug in 4.3: when I open the note and scroll it vertically, when the top green menu bar hides, leaves permanent grey horizontal line on the screen that is visible all the time.
  11. You may check new beta version, I see substantial improvement in notebook list scroll after I installed it.
  12. Not many changes for phones... Notebook list view scroll still lagging whereas other lists - no issue whatsoever. Is it my phone only? Any plans to use space in all list views on phones in a more "economic" way? Any plans to create option to remove "getting started" info from list views?
  13. I also miss encryption option for whole note or notebook big time - the way to walk around that - I use MSWord encrypted file (docx not doc due to stronger encryption) attached to the note + Officesuite Pro for android that can handle encrypted docx. For viewing notes created on PC it works well. The issue is if you want to edit the note on the phone and save it back to Evernote - there is no automatic way. I simply send edited file back to Evernote and create new note with encrypted attachment. At the same time old note is kind of backup in any case. Somewhat cumbersome but works for me. For searching purposes I add unencrypted text to the note with attachment. Works for me - until Evernote adds encryption for the whole note or for notebooks.
  14. I am pretty happy with the recent updates too. * horizontal scrolling fixed * option for menu button behavior and menu button - work as it should - great! * very smooth scrolling for notes list - I would say that it improved in the last version The only two issues that I have are: * still laggy scrolling in notebooks list - no much improvement here for me in the new versions (HTC Desire Z with 2.3.3) * too much unused space in notebooks and notes lists - but I guess it was already mentioned by Evernote that they are working on it * I've noticed also funny effect when pressing menu button in Notebooks list - when I press menu button (and menu bar is shown at the bottom of a screen) some of little grey triangles (the ones that, when pressed, display available options for notebook) disappear. When I press menu button again (and menu button desappears) the triangles appear again... However, even without triangle, pressing the area where it should normally be launches available options menu without problems. One more request - is it possible to have an option to hide program tips that are shown at the bottom of each list? When you are familiar with the program they are obsolete and somewhat distracting. Nevertheless - changes are going in the right direction. Thanks! Waiting for more
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