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(Archived) Sync failed on Evernote Mac



Following the addition of quite a large number of notes with embedded images on the PC, I'm now getting successive sync errors on Evernote Mac


I looked in Help > Activity log and getting quite a lot of these entries:

chunks contain resource of expunged note [7bf52113-48e5-48bb-8e19-bf7d6a96a03c] / removing resource [cd1c44f0-e7e4-479f-b45b-bbeee


  Version: Evernote Mac 5.2.1 (401574)
   Locale: en-FR
       OS: 10.7.5
   WebKit: 534.57.7
  WebCore: 534.57.7
Mac Model: iMac12,1
 CPU Type: Intel
CPU Count: 4
CPU Speed: 2.700000 GHz
      RAM: 16.000000 GB
     Date: 2013-08-31 09:59:20 +0000


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My monthly limit seems fine, I didn't know there was a note size limit

In fact it worked out after 10 tries ...

I don't think this will help you in your current dilemma, which seems to have resolved itself anyhow, but there are several limits that you may want to know for the future.


By the way, you may want to update to the beta version on the Mac. It wouldn't hurt to update your OS either :) Of course, Evernote ought to work fine with the last public build and Lion, but I generally find the most recently updated stuff to be more reliable, especially if you are running into odd errors.

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Lion should be fine and I'm glad it's resolved itself. GrumpyMonkey is definitely right about using the latest version of Evernote. We fix sync errors all the time and the latest version will be the most reliable to sync.

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