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(Archived) Mood Board

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Here is an idea for improving the use of pictures and related information in Evernote.


As a photographer, I use Evernote often for location scouting and inspiration as a mood board. However, currently there is no nice way to present the collected information. It would be great to have a view like a mood board for a notebook, where pictures, maps, text notes, etc. could be laid out nicely.


A nice picture viewer would be great too.


Is this something you consider? It would make sense on all platforms.


thanks, cheers


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Hi - thanks for the suggestion.  This is a user forum,  and while Evernote devs do read the posts for ideas,  they rarely comment and never commit to including one or another feature at some future time.  Having said all of which: there have been many calls for a more visual way of presenting information - mind maps, geographical presentations, sticky notes etc;  so we can all hope that somewhere down the line there will be more options.  No promises and no timescales though..


In the meantime you can always keep your notes in Evernote where they're easy to find,  and cut and paste items to another app to display.


Pictures however - good quality pics take up a lot of bandwidth and I don't see Evernote wanting to compete with existing web-based services for portfolio storage.

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Andre, have you considered Pinterest. It's made exactly for this.


Do you think Pinterest could work as a front-end for Evernote? Would it be possible to pump content tagged with "pinterest" to a Pinterest board for presentation, for example? Unfortunately, I don't see an IFTTT channel for Pinterest.

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Mural.ly is a service similar to Pinterest that is supposed to synchronize to Evernote. Check it out. (I am not affiliated)


Wow, thanks, this works like a charm! It's very powerful and very easy to import content from Evernote! Love it ;-)




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