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  1. Scroll down, notes disappear

    I have two installs already on the free version too (phone and tablet) so I can't install the desktop version either. I have just been using Firefox. Just checked it out on Chrome again and still not working correctly. I also sent a message last week on Twitter but they only just now replied asking which browser i am using.
  2. Scroll down, notes disappear

    This is the same issue I've had for a week or so now as well. And I remember it's happened in the past but not for this long. Only in Chrome, works fine in Firefox, on tablet and on phone. When I refresh, the original list of notes appears again, but scrolling makes them disappear. I tried sorting differently as well, but that doesn't seem to work for me either. I like to have my notes sorted descending alphabetically. But when I reverse it and refresh, the scroll bar automatically starts at the bottom of the view! So I'm still only seeing the same notes! The only work around I've found to find a few more of the notes is to zoom out the web page view so more appear on initial page load. But for now I'm resorting to using Firefox which is not my browser of choice.
  3. Thank you! I'll head over there.
  4. Thanks @MilwMama, do you have a link to that post? A search doesn't bring it up. I did try searching for a previous discussion before posting but didn't find a similar issue.
  5. I am using Chrome, my browser of choice, and just about a week or 2 ago, my notebooks refuse to load all the notes within it. It shows the first bunch of notes until I have to scroll, then they just disappear and I can see them just disappearing. I know they are there because at the bottom it says 5-16 of 40 notes. And I can see them fine on my tablet and phone. I can also access everything in the web app in Firefox, but I prefer to use Chrome. What could be causing this?
  6. web (Archived) Old Evernote Editor

    jhull, thank you for listening to our complaints. i do love evernote, i really do. i noticed the indent/outdent came back so that's a great improvement! i will put in a support ticket for the lost data. thanks!
  7. other (Archived) Mood Board

    Andre, have you considered Pinterest. It's made exactly for this.
  8. web (Archived) Old Evernote Editor

    auto-save just screwed me. i clicked into a note to add something and somehow it ended up selecting the entire note and then deleted it. Ctrl-Z did NOTHING. I have no idea how that even happened. All I did was click at the beginning of the note, hit enter to move the current content down a bit and then it was gone. Just like that. No way to get it back. Tried to figure out if there was a history of auto-saves I could revert to. Of course there is WITH PREMIUM. So i get it now. The whole point is to piss people off enough that they'll upgrade to premium. Looks like I'll be going back to dropbox for writing/saving blog posts because this is completely unacceptable.
  9. web (Archived) Old Evernote Editor

    so i cleared cache in chrome and still no luck, BUT using FF now and all is well. so weird!
  10. web (Archived) Old Evernote Editor

    @Stabledog, glad (i think!) that i'm not the only one. I guess just so maybe it is an actual issue and not something that's just happening for me. @Lady Koschei, it IS strange that it's not happening for everyone though. Maybe i should try another browser. I use Chrome for Evernote but maybe it's time to switch to FF? I do want to add that I still LOVE Evernote. I don't want to come across as only complaining. It's the only tool I used to single handedly launch my blog (after a year of planning) and write all my posts and notes and brain dumps and I've organized them all into a pretty good system. I also love how I can read, write and edit notes on the fly from my work computer, home computer and phone seamlessly. Sure there are quirks but it's free!
  11. web (Archived) Old Evernote Editor

    I agree with most of the changes, I am not too happy with them either and Evernote is something I use every single day. The indent/outdent is a real issue to not have. I indent blocks of text sometimes to make them stand out so they are not always in lists. Another huge issue that no one else has mentioned but that is happening on both computers i use is that every single time i paste something into a note now, the note jumps back to the top, so that i now have to scroll down and look for the spot where I just pasted my text and continue. This is a HUGE issue. It used to be annoying enough that whenever I pasted something, the line would jump to the bottom of the screen, but at least it was still visible and I knew where to go. Now it's extremely annoying and time consuming as some of my notes are quite long. Is this something that is being addressed or am I the only one that is experiencing this?