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  1. How great would it be to remotely control an Evernote Present slide show via the app on your mobile phone? The mobile app could be connected to the desktop or web app via wifi and be used to jump though slides and to control the virtual laser pointer.
  2. It's really great to see that consistency of user experience has become a focus of Evernote. Well done with the new tagging system. I wonder why you would need a way for creating a new tag when you can create one after an unsuccessful search, anyway. The first option is obsolete, imho. Just start typing and the tag will be found or created.
  3. For a long time, Evernote is recognising text in scanned or photographed images. You can search for handwritten text. Is there a way to convert the handwritten text to typed text, please? Could there be a function to extract the recognised text from a picture? Why not just do it by default for each photographed image? Please, add handwriting to text to Evernote. Thanks!
  4. After using it a bit longer, there's certainly a big improvement in responsiveness, but the Not Responding periods are still not gone completely. In particular, while editing a text note, the editor often stops reacting after typing just one word. It may display the Not Responding message or not. Is there some indexing process going on that stops interaction?
  5. The new version works pretty well on my Windows 10 systems (one W7, too). Finally, the application is responsive as one would expect. There's almost no waiting left for Not Responding or just a spinning cursor, as has been the case for years. Thanks a lot for the improvements!
  6. Or, better, yet, integrate with Google Maps!
  7. Yes, I know, but Atlas has disappeared from Windows! It was already not well implemented, because the used Open Street Map instead of Google Maps. But it's needed very much. Also, the Android version of the map is very slow. They don't seem to use Google Maps in a good way (if at all).
  8. Oh my dear. I just updated the locations of several notes for a trip - only to find that ATLAS IS GONE!!! No, please, bring it back! Proper Google Maps integration would be so cool.
  9. Two bugs that I reported already during the private beta are still there: Styles for notebooks are not synced. Stacks in Shortcuts (left sidebar) are constantly being collapsed and don't remember their settings (open/closed).
  10. Evernote is there to Remember Everything! Unfortunately, one on the things that bugs me a lot is that Evernote clients forget a lot: window size, open notes, settings for individual notebooks, etc. Every time that the app(lication) is started again, you're stuck with only a bit of information from the last time that it was open. I imagine Evernote as a platform where my thoughts and bits and pieces of work and life are around all the time. I use different view settings for specific notebooks; for example for a tasks notebook I want to see a list with specific columns and sort order that is useful in this context, but for a notebook with lots of pictures I prefer a card view with other sort settings. Let me open multiple notes, maybe in tabs, and bring them up again when I return. Browser usage tells us that too many tabs are more evil than good, but having none is not an option, either. We should rather find better ways to organise them and to remember what we were doing when we left. The idea of an updated desk-top metaphor where you have all your important notes and notebooks sorted out neatly and persistently comes to mind.Does this make sense to you?
  11. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/04/06/a-new-way-to-navigate-notes-in-evernote-for-mac/ Great new features! For Windows, too? ;-)
  12. Without going into any details of who is right or wrong, there is interest in "local" storage and it might be a good business decision to take account of this sentiment. It might be more efficient, too. imho ;-)
  13. Did you ever think of setting up or using an existing data centre in Europe? It could help to bring people to Evernote who don't use it because they don't like their private data to be stored in the US.
  14. Yes, I did and got a reply. They say that they are working on a solution for high dpi displays...
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