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Is there a way to put text in columns?

Viv Ilo Veith


I have a long list of words that I would like to put in a note but cannot figure out how to put it into columns.  Having it as a single column list of words makes it unusable.  There are a lot of words!


Has anyone come up with a way to put lists into columns in a note?


Things I have tried:

  • Using a Table in the note: This doesn't work because I already have the list and if I try to copy it into the table - even if I select all the cells - the whole list goes into the first cell.
  • Putting the list in Word in 4 columns and then copy and pasting into the note:  Nope.  Evernote does not see the columns no matter how I copy and paste it.  It puts all the words in as one long list (again).
  • Putting the list in a table in Word and then copy and pasting it into the note: Evernote does not see the table and again puts the words in one long list.
  • I know I could put the list in Word and manipulate it there either into columns or into a table and then save the word document as a pdf and then import the pdf into the Evernote . . . but really!  (And, what I did not say was I really have multiple lists I am trying to put into notes so all those steps repeated over and over is a real pain!!)

The thing is, I have frequently longed for a column capability.  Not just for these word lists.  I can see many other uses I would have for the ability to put data into columns in an evernote.  That is why I am asking the question.


Thanks for any help/advice anyone can give.

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Not sure what layout you're looking for,  but if you can do it in a spreadsheet,  copy and paste from there into Evernote...  the individual spreadsheet cells copy across as table cells.

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Yes, I thought about using Excel or Numbers but then I have to laboriously break the long list into segments and move each segment over into the next column.  I would be better off doing it the pdf way.  


Anyone else know of a hack?

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Believe it or not,  sooner or later,  you often have to actually do work when it comes to computers..  but how about the extended suggestion:

  1. insert random characters where new columns / new lines are required
  2. use Word (or equivalent) to "convert text to table" breaking at one or other of the characters
  3. transfer the (eventual) Word table into Excel (MS to MS works well..)
  4. copy and paste from Excel to Evernote (which also works pretty well)
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Just ran across this and used your first idea--If you're still looking for a solution, this worked for me. 


I simply made a table with two columns and a single row, then copied the text into each of the cells. If you've still got those 4 columns from your attempt using Word, you could try with a 4-column, single row table and copy each column into a cell. The cells will grow in length to accommodate longer lists. 


It worked for a bulleted list, and makes much better use of the space in the note.



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The thing is, this topic was started before you were able to view Excel/Numbers inline and also before you could add rows and columns to a table.


Now, the question that was originally posed here is no longer an issue if you have a list already in Excel - which was the case for me.


When I teach Evernote, one of the examples I use is using the Table function in Evernote and then creating a list in the table using the check box for each item inside the each cell in the Table.


I know making a travel list is something Evernote touts in the marketing material but reality is, if you just use the checkbox to make a travel list in Evernote, you end up with a long single column list. Not very useful. If you instead put the list into a table it is a much better use of space and far easier to work with.

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