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  1. The table idea worked for me, mostly. But how do I get rid of the table borders for print out?
  2. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. I have tried some of the idea and they come up short. But that is probably my fault for asking for comments on a "solution" instead of posting the actual problem. I will do that in a new post. But one parting comment. While I will go along with the idea of not making handwriting a part of Evernote, there is one thing I think they should do. In the Windows version, if I have a note that is a JPG and I click on it, the JPG opens in mspaint and I can change it if I want to. Evernote should find a way to do the same thing with imported hand-writtne note. For example, if I export a Skitch note to Evernote, double tapping on it should open it in Skitch. That's just an example. The same should work for any handwriting app that can export to Evernote. You need to be able to make a round trip.
  3. Instead of Skitch, what I would REALLY like to see is something like this: In Evernote, when I click the button to add a new note I have the opportunity to say my note will be typed or hand-written. Typed would work as it does now. But hand-written would allow me to hand-write notes during my meeting, extending the page as long as needs be. When done, I would expect it to make the round trip to the Evernote server and do as much OCR/indexing as it can now with JPG files. An alternative would the the option in a note to open a hand-writting window within the note where I could do as noted above. Bottom line: I want to take my iPad to meetings and take notes in Evernote. Currently I use Lifescribe for this, but with that I have to transfer to Evernote.
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