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"Send to Evernote" missing from Windows Explorer context menu


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Several updates ago, the Windows Explorer context (right click) menu had a "Send to Evernote" option that could be used to put a file into the program (Start --> My Computer; browse to a file; right click; Send To --> Evernote). This very convenient feature has been absent for several months. Can we have it back? (FYI I am using Windows XP). 

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Hi, welcome to the forum :)


The send to Evernote option is deleted when you update, but not replaced. I think this is so that they can allow those that have removed it, to continue with it not being there.


It is possible to get it back:


Manually add it:



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Convoluted, but it worked. Thanks, Scott.


It certainly must be easier to remove the shortcut than it is to add it, and I don't see what harm its presence would do, so I hope future updates leave it for those who have it so they can continue with it being there and those who absolutely don't want it can delete it. (Or, why can't the update just sense whether it is there or not and act accordingly?)


Anyway, thanks again.

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You're welcome :)

I guess it was a design decision that was perhaps based on feedback at the time...

Interestingly, I have to re-add that shortcut but delete the one that it puts on the desktop after every installation. So I can understand for those that don't want it to keep reappearing, but on the flip side I can also see why it should return each time.

As I am lazy I added it to my app ENRegEd (in the same notebook linked above) a while ago, so that I can re-add it with just a couple of clicks.


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Windows Vista 32 bit

Dell Latitude D630


I have the same issue since updating to Evernote 5. The SEND TO EVERNOTE icon in my menu bar returns "'We cannot establish with evernote application. Most likely you have 'Enhanced Protected Mode" and, the SEND option is missing from my right click context menu as well. 


Even though all the correct files appear in my directory, I deleted them and followed the steps in your post. The problem continues to exist. I have spent two days researching a fix.


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Thanks for the help in this topic.   The instructions were clear and this is working as advertised.


However, I was hoping that the filename would be come the title.    Evernote took the first line of the file for the note.    Do I have any control over that -- either in the shortcut or Evernote options?

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I find it annoying as well that the feature has been removed. I certainly never looked for it.

Another workaround is to select "Send to" in the Explorer dialogue box, and then send the email to your Evernote email address. More cumbersome than the original arrangement, but not as convoluted as other solutions.

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